4 Causes For Always Feeling Lethargic That Are Easily Overlooked

Lethargy is something that all people experience from time to time. There are days when you feel sluggish and tired for no apparent reason and it is natural to search for answers. Lethargy is a state of being constantly tired, dull, and with zero energy, which can be mental or physical. However, because it’s a common feeling, most people shake it off and assume it will disappear. The lethargy could be due to late nights, long working hours, or underlying medical conditions. You need to be able to tell the difference to find a solution.

A recent National Safety Council report states that two-thirds of the American labor force experience fatigue. This fraction accounts for nearly 107 million of the 160 million workers at the time of the report. Some common factors that lead to this fatigue include:

  1. Nutrition

Did you know what you eat can significantly contribute to lethargy? The human body requires numerous nutrients from several types of foods. The American diet typically includes copious amounts of sugar, grains, saturated fats, and few vegetables or fruits. This diet does not provide some much-needed minerals and vitamins the body needs to function correctly.

A report by the CDC revealed that almost 10 percent of the American population has nutritional deficiencies. Your body relies on your diet to function and this means that what you put into your body can make a huge impact on how you are able to perform. 

Some foods like processed grains, fried foods, added sugar, caffeine and added sugars make you feel lethargic by giving you a short energy spike that does not last long. To prevent lethargy and nutrition deficiencies like scurvy, rickets, and anemia, you should eat more whole grains and foods that contain:

  • Vitamin B6 found in bananas, chickpeas, or chicken
  • Iron found in red meat, liver, oysters, or spinach
  • Vitamin D found in fish like trout, swordfish or salmon, eggs, and mushrooms
  • Iodine found in foods like cheese, eggs, cow or soy milk, and iodized salt
  • Vitamin C found in citrus fruits like oranges, kiwi, grapefruits, and strawberries

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  1. Too Much Sun Exposure

Too much of everything does not end well. Sunshine gives you Vitamin D and makes you happy by boosting the feel-good hormone serotonin. However, exposure to sunlight for too long can drain your energy and make you feel lethargic. 

When you go outside, you should always have a pair of high-quality sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. A glare also makes your eyes tire faster, and sunglasses remove the glare. Look for reputable online retailers for affordable and authentic sunglasses. If you wear prescription glasses, you can also browse prescription sunglasses online from well-known brands.

  1. Hydration

Water helps to carry nutrients to the cells in your body and take away waste products. Approximately 50 to 60 percent of your weight is water. We constantly lose water through sweat, breathing, and urine and so throughout the day we must keep replenishing the liquids in order to maintain a healthy equilibrium. 

When you become dehydrated, you begin to feel weak and tired. Consuming a lot of water and water-based fruits and vegetables helps to replenish and maintain your body’s energy levels.

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  1. Monitoring Your Weight

You must monitor your weight to ensure you are not overweight or underweight. Being obese or overweight means your body works twice as hard to do everyday activities like climbing stairs. Being overweight plus lethargy could also mean an underlying medical condition, which means you should have it checked before attempting to lose weight. If you are underweight, poor muscle strength means you get tired more easily.

Handle Lethargy In An Impactful Way

Lethargy is a condition everyone deals with at some point in their lives. The trick to fighting lethargy is identifying whether the cause is an avoidable or a medical condition. Once you are armed with the right knowledge, it is easier to navigate your daily routine in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.