5 Tips For A Smooth Move To A New Home

Moving is something that worries almost everyone. All that packing, loading, unloading, and sorting takes up an immense amount of effort. For someone who has changed houses before, it may feel like a breeze a second time, but if you aren’t ready, things can quickly go haywire. This is why planning, researching, organizing, and coordinating in advance for a move is always important. The only way to ensure a smooth move is by being proactive rather than reactive. 

Here are some of the things that can help you ease the burden of moving considerably:

Although you will have all of your possessions when you move into your new home, most of them will be packed up tight, some at the bottom of boxes and others in places you can’t even remember. Realizing that you packed all of your essential items last and that they are now hidden under a load of other stuff is the last thing you want to deal with. You either end up heading to the store or unpacking everything in haste, increasing your workload after an already stressful day. 

Knowing the scenario now, it is wise to bring a pack a hand carry, or a smaller suitcase that can be your overnight bag. You should have all your toiletries, a few extra outfits, a towel, medication, and other basics on hand and organized. This will allow you to unwind and relax as you organize the rest of your new home and decide exactly where everything will be placed.

  • Find a reliable moving company

A reliable service provider like Coleman Moving Company that has decades of experience, can simplify things for you. Most people believe calling friends and family and working collectively can get things done easily and affordably. However, this may not always be a wise choice to make, especially when there’s plenty of stuff to move and the distance is long. You can avoid a lot of trouble by calling a local moving company and relying on them to do the job. 

Before you do that, though, you must perform proper research about the company. It is best to look for recommendations from your friends and close family, shortlist a few companies, go through their reviews, get a preliminary quote, and sit down with them to discuss your expectations. Only when a company passes your reliability test should you entrust them with the move.

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  • Declutter your home while you’re at it

Changing homes is a good time to sort through things lying in various corners of your current house, the attic, and the basement for ages. If you don’t want or use something anymore, donate or sell it to ensure you don’t have to deal with excessive junk anymore. Decluttering your home while your move is ideal because as you empty everything out, you not only find things you thought were lost, but you also realize there are so many items that are not useful anymore. 

Discarding such items gives you more room to decorate and utilize the space in your new house effectively. Not to mention, you can make some extra bucks by selling junk and then buy new stuff for the new home to give it a more modern aesthetic. 

  • Verify the measurements for everything carefully

You must have heard the saying that if you measure twice, you only have to cut once. Well, it applies particularly well to moving. Ensuring all your existing items will really go where you want them to in your new home is one of the most crucial things you can do when relocating to a new location. You don’t want to move your couch only to realize it’s too small for the room in which you intend to place it.

Therefore, it is important that you get a tape measure and some help to map out all the sizes you’ll need. Make sure your large furniture, such as the bed, couch, and dining room table, will fit your new abode by measuring them. Nothing is worse than carrying heavy, large objects to their destination only to find that they are a few inches too wide to even pass through the entrance. Measure everything beforehand instead of holding your head in frustration later. 

  • Pack your belongings by categories of items

One of the most frequent packing practices is to pack every item in a room first, then label all the boxes from that space. Your new home won’t be a replica of the one you left, and you could also have problems recalling exactly which room a particular item was in between packing and unpacking. Also, you may be looking to shuffle things up a bit or need some things before others. 

This is why you should shun the common practice and organize items by category instead of the room they were in. Put all your books in one box, and don’t divide them according to their room at your old home. Similarly, it doesn’t matter what room a certain towel was in previously; pack it in the same box as the rest of the towels. When you reach your new place, you might have to move around a little more, but if you’re looking for those towels, you will not need to rummage through several boxes of other people’s things.


Making sure that a move from one home to another goes smoothly depends on various factors. Most of all, it depends on how well you plan things. Remember, it is the simplest things, like packing things by category, using proper packing material, and measuring furniture before moving it, that matter the most. When you take care of these minute items, everything else starts falling into place. Still, if you feel all this is too overwhelming for you, contact a reliable moving company, and they will handle everything seamlessly for you.