6 Ways to Use Self-Storage for Home Improvement Projects

Over recent years, the number of home improvement projects has increased drastically, with lots of people launching a home improvement project simply for aesthetic appeal. While the prospect of redesigning your home or getting all those creaky nooks fixed feels very exciting and fun, the workers that will shortly swarm your place are far from refreshing. Home improvement projects could turn your house and life upside down if not managed efficiently. 

Many people are now opting for self-storage facilities during house remodeling. The demand for self-storage has increased particularly in Alabama drastically over the years, particularly in Birmingham, with Alabama’s population growing by 5.3% from 2010 to 2021. In the US, the self-storage industry is a long-standing market with rapid growth over recent years. 

This comprehensive guide is designed to help you navigate the self-storage industry for your home improvement projects. Below are six ways you can use a self-storage site to safely store and organize your valuables and furniture in Birmingham, Alabama, while your house is remodeled. 

  • Keep your valuables dust and dirt free.

Once you kick off the renovation, dust, paint spills, plaster grit, and sawdust are constant visitors. The organized chaos following the remodeling will create a dirty and clustered environment. If your furniture and valuables are not moved to a safe, dust-free location, constant exposure to dust and grease could cause a lot of damage. Your gadgets may malfunction. Your high-end furniture may need a new layer of polish and may sustain irreversible damage. Even if the damage is temporary, cleaning all your valuables after this storm of filth would weigh heavily on your pocket. Not forgetting the energy and additional time you’ll have to spend getting everything clean.

Constant relocation of fixtures and valuables from one location to another, despite great caution, can lead to scuffs and damage. If you reside in Birmingham, Alabama, go for the storage units Birmingham AL has to offer for easy and safe storage of your valuables. 

  • Safe-keeping and security

Your home improvement project comes with contractors, laborers, and other workers having unrestricted access to your home. While they come under a written contract and are reliable to some extent, allowing strangers free access to your valuables and belongings is never a good option. You can never be too vigilant, and keeping track of everyone going in and out of your home under such circumstances is a hassle. 

There’s a high probability of losing, damaging, or having your valuables stolen if you don’t have all your possessions safely stored away in a storage unit near you.

  • Storage for excess building material. 

Remodeling projects often require bulk procurement of building materials such as tiles, lumber, and drywall. Add machinery, tools, and a construction site to this equation, and you are bound to get overwhelmed. All this material can quickly fill up your workspace, creating chaos and clutter that will constantly get in everyone’s way. A disorganized workspace leads to delays and ineptitude outcomes. 

Storing all your excessive building materials and tools in a rented storage unit will help you keep everything safe and organized. A decluttered workspace boosts productivity. A clear space helps visualize layouts and designs better without the constant worry of damaging stuff. Removing all the material from the work site will give you one less thing to stress about, and if you are not comfortable storing your construction material away from the work site, consider renting a truck storage unit. 

  • Declutter your home. 

A cluttered environment leads to cluttered thoughts. Keeping all your excess construction material and valuables within your home and rotating them from one room to another will eventually make you pull at your hair. Not everyone owns a house big enough to designate rooms simply for keeping all your valuables and cartons. Having everything lying around in corners is harmful, not just for your belongings, but could easily lead to accidents. 

Additionally, if you’re revamping your home and already have all your belongings cleared out, then take advantage of this great opportunity to finally carry out the decluttering you have been putting off for so long. Once you’ve moved all your belongings to a storage unit, create an inventory of all the things you had to declutter, whether that be your wardrobe or the huge pile of toys your kids keep hoarding. Decide on what you want to donate, what you should throw out, and what will be kept in your remodeled home. 

Keeping everything at a self-storage site will help you be more organized and work efficiently, whether you are working with a contractor or by yourself.  

  • Preserving temperature and humidity-sensitive possessions.

Many storage units offer climate-controlled storage units which will keep your humidity and temperature-sensitive possessions happy and thriving. Hardwood furniture, artwork, antiques, documents, and heirlooms should be stored away in temperature-regulated storage spaces your city has to offer. 

These units can provide you with long-term storage options best suited for people unsure of how long they’ll be using the storage space. 

  • Keep things organized. 

Remember that a storage unit is not your personal dump site. Do not chuck everything into your storage unit. All valuables should be stored in properly labeled cartons before putting them in the storage unit. Renovation plans tend to take longer than expected, so plan accordingly. An organized space will allow easy movement of your goods when it’s time to do so. At any point, you may need to access specific items from the storage unit. If you have a clearly laid out plan of where everything is, your time navigating around all your possessions will be reduced drastically. 

A neatly organized storage space means less hassle when moving everything back in. You’ll eventually be very grateful for putting in the effort to keep everything sorted. 

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To sum it up.

Home improvement plans are exciting and just as daunting, but if done right can save you a lot of finances and energy. Always opt for a safe storage unit site to keep your belongings safe, organized, and dust free. The storage space also gives you plenty of room for organizing all your construction materials and equipment. At the end of the day, a self-storage unit can help you stay on top of things during your much-awaited renovation plans.