7 Reasons To Move To Grand Prairie

The city of Grande Prairie is located in the southern part of Peace River Country in northwest Alberta in Canada. It is 456 kilometers northwest of Edmonton at the junction of Highways 43 and 40.

With 63,166 residents, Grande Prairie was the seventh-largest city in Alberta in 2016. It was one of Canada’s rapidly growing states between 2001 and 2006.

The city is renowned for its parks and diverse terrain, which include steep mountains, numerous lakes, and massive glaciers. Grand Prairie residents enjoy a dense suburban feel, and most own their homes.

Young professionals, senior residents, and families in transition can all find attractions in the neighborhood. 

If you are planning to move to Grand Prairie, here are some reasons that can help you solidify your plan:

1. Affordable Moving Services

We are all aware of the difficulties and demands of moving to a new location and the time-consuming nature of settling in. It becomes more challenging if there are no moving services in the area or either too expensive. 

However, one of the good things about Grand Prairie is it has affordable moving services, as you might need assistance relocating your possessions.

Professional movers have the knowledge and expertise to pack your possessions safely, helping you avoid any damage throughout the moving process. 

Several affordable grand prairie self storage options are also available if you temporarily need a place to store items like furniture if your home isn’t ready yet. But before you hire any moving services, make sure to get quotes from several of them. 

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2. Reasonable Real Estate

Grande Prairie is one of the busiest real estate markets in Canada.

There are many great places to rent in the city, and you may also buy real estate. It is also a reasonable choice for investments in the city.

The cost of a home is around $400,000. Overall, at about 25%, housing expenditures consume a lower share of household income than the national average in Canada.

Although the province’s high migration rate and people’s rising wages have led to a surge in demand and a price increase, Grand Prairie is still an affordable destination to buy or rent a home.  

Housing expenses are anticipated to decrease over the next few years due to the rapid rate at which builders are developing new residences. It’s a great time to move to this city if you look forward to owning a home.

3. Quality Education

Grande Prairie is home to many public schools and a few regional universities with excellent quality of education.

Since the Alberta provincial government has prioritized the education sector, the province’s cities and towns all have strong and stable educational systems. 

It has access to Alberta’s top-notch educational system, which offers program alternatives for learners at every stage.

There are numerous childcare and day home facilities, with more than 30 schools spread across four districts, with a wealth of options for students from pre-kindergarten through post-secondary.

Some unique and specialized options that each school system provides are French Immersion, Francophone Education, and Montessori programming.

The local institutions offer a variety of post-secondary courses, including trades, degrees, university transfer programs, and on-campus completion arrangements with universities across Canada.

4. Great Healthcare

Healthcare and medical facilities are crucial factors when relocating to a new city. Everyone wants to be able to reassure their loved ones during medical emergencies and give them access to the best healthcare alternatives.

Fortunately, Grande Prairie has the top medical care Canada has to offer. It has excellent regional hospitals with cutting-edge medical technology and qualified staff, with healthcare costs 13% more than the national median.

Numerous healthcare facilities, including labs, diagnostic imaging centers, paramedical services, and emergency and ongoing medical treatment, are located in Grande Prairie, providing the best possible medical care to those throughout the province’s northwest and beyond.

The city government is also interested in expanding the medical facilities there. 

5. Amazing Attractions

Grande Prairie is renowned for its breathtaking scenery.

Its picturesque scenes excite the locals and draw tourists and provide entertainment. 

There are several outdoor entertainment alternatives in the city. 

For instance, Muskoseepi Park, with nearly 1100 acres of parkland, has many features such as a bike path, playground, dog park, arena, skate park, and sports facilities.

Then there is the Simonette River Provincial Recreation Area, on the Forestry Trunk Road, tucked away in the deep valley of the Simonette River, that provides access to the river and undeveloped campsites.

You can visit Saskatoon Island Provincial Park to experience nature and the great outdoors, the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum to learn about the region’s fascinating dinosaur history. 

There are art galleries as well to see some Canadian and local artwork. They exhibit incredible works of art and host presentations by artists, art auctions, unique group events, and more. Whatever you decide, you won’t have time to get bored in this exciting city when you move here.

6. Easy Transportation

Another reason why you should move to Grand Prairie is its commute system. In Grande Prairie, taking the bus or train is a common way to get around. The city has an effective network as regular buses have a wide route you can follow throughout the city.

There are door-to-door transportation services, especially for those with temporary or permanent impairments who can not use fixed-route transports. They pick you up from your door and drop you off at your destination. 

No matter their age or income, any resident of the City of Grande Prairie or of the County of Grande Prairie who lives within 5 kilometers of the city limits and who is unable to use the regular bus service because of a physical or mental disability can get the transportation service. This transportation benefit puts a feather in the hat for Grand Prairie.

7. High Income Rate

The residents of Grande Prairie earn much more than average compared to other areas in Alberta.   

Grande Prairie’s average pay is $60,400, which is 27.2% more than the national average wage of $47,487, while the median household income is $118,775.

A worker in Grande Prairie earning around $52,000 a year can earn around $40,447, or 13.9% lower than the city’s typical wage earner. 

Besides, the chances of getting more wages depend on the state’s economic situation as well. However, in the coming years, there is a possibility of an increase in the pay scale in the area.


Several things make Grand Prairie a highly affordable area to relocate to, from living costs to attractions. We hope that the reasons we’ve given you above will inspire you to relocate to this lovely city in Alberta and begin a new life.

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