9 Reasons For Pursuing Nursing Education

You have many career options to choose from as a youngster. But most of these options won’t be as exciting and fulfilling as becoming a healthcare professional. Becoming a nurse is a great choice to make in a rapidly advancing healthcare job market. If you’re still unsure, here are a few benefits to pursuing a nursing career:

  • Universal respect

Nurses have been voted the most trusted of all professionals in the United States for over two decades in a row. They have universal acclaim and respect for their services to the health industry. Patients will trust RNs more than physicians and better communicate with them. That’s how RNs help doctors treat patients since they have a stronger rapport with them. 

  • Flexible learning

In the health sector, there is an ongoing trend to make the BSN the preferred minimum requirement for future nurses. Initiatives such as “80% BSN by 2020” already tried to make this trend universal. So, newcomers to nursing must consider advancing their education to stay relevant in this field.

Fortunately, distance learning can help them achieve this goal flexibly. These online degrees are easily affordable and you can become a BSN graduate within a year. Many RN to BSN degree options are available online and they equip nursing students with the skills sought after by modern employers. These flexible learning options are attracting more students.

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  • Job satisfaction

Nurses are well-known for their skyrocketing job satisfaction levels. Studies indicate that 9 out of 10 nurses are glad they’re in this vocation. Even after a pandemic, 40% of RNs are still satisfied with this profession. But, as you continue to advance in your nursing career, your satisfaction levels keep rising. Since a nurse’s job is about helping people and making a difference in their lives, pursuing a nursing degree is bound to give you above-average levels of job satisfaction. 

  • Meaningful work

Many young professionals are looking for vocations that aren’t just financially rewarding, but emotionally fulfilling as well. If you want to make meaningful contributions to societal well-being, nursing seems like an ideal profession for you. Nursing-related jobs allow you to educate patients, advocate in their favor, and empower them for better medical outcomes in the community.

Every day, your services will influence the lives of hundreds of people in tangible. You’ll care for patients, comfort their loved ones, and spread disease prevention awareness.

  • High demand

There’s an ongoing nursing shortage in the United States which will only increase with time. By 2030, this nursing shortage will exceed more than 3.6 million, which means recent nursing student graduates can expect various employment opportunities by the end of this decade. As present-day nurses grow older and the baby boomer population keeps rising, the nation needs more RNs to join the ranks. 

While machines continue to overcome other professions and displace workers, nursing is one industry immune to their infiltration.

  • Career options

Nurses have different career options available to them after finishing their education. Many students assume RNs work in clinics, hospitals, and similar facilities. However, there’s a wider range of employment opportunities available to well-educated nursing students beyond the bedside. Other employment opportunities for nurses include the ER, delivery care, pediatric care, nephrology care, and other facilities. But there are many non-traditional options, too, such as the following:

  • Airplanes
  • Laboratories
  • Courts of law
  • Medical disaster teams
  • Health insurance agencies


  • Better earning

A recent study shows that average RNs make $82,000+ a year and their salaries rise with experience. Education is also a major factor in determining a nurse’s learning. Pursuing a nursing education boosts marketability and allows you to earn hefty paychecks and more employee benefits.

But you can aim for better payment packages and get a more flexible schedule by pursuing advanced academic credentials. Moreover, you may seek private sector jobs for a better work-life balance. Also, a nurse’s salary depends on the location of her practice. Some states, such as California and New York, pay RNs more than others.

  • Career advancement

The field of nursing offers many opportunities for career growth. You can specialize in many different subfields of nursing based on your unique interests. A BSN degree opens the gateway to various career options, such as nurse writer, nurse attorney, nurse entrepreneur, and many more.

You can also pursue advanced learning and further your education for better career prospects. Earning an advanced degree in nursing positions to keep improving your educational qualifications. It means you can become a nurse anesthetist or a nurse practitioner. These nursing fields have higher salaries, greater authority, and a greater role in patient care. There’s no limit to your success in nursing. You can keep pushing your boundaries and climbing the ladder of professional development.

  • Personal growth

Working in the health sector makes you a better human being and reinstates your faith in humanity. While losing patients can be a traumatic experience, saving the lives of countless patients during your tenure helps you grow as a person. You learn from your successes and failures; you learn from mistakes and constantly work hard to improve your nursing acumen. That’s how joining the nursing workforce fuels your passion, dedication, and accomplishment the longer you serve.


Nurses have been the most trusted and well-liked professionals in the country for the past two decades. It’s now your chance to become one by pursuing a nursing education. You can get a BSN degree and join this lucrative field. Nurses are paid handsomely, have different career options, and work with record-high job satisfaction levels. In the 2020s, nursing will remain a heavily sought-after vocation in the US. These reasons are enough to encourage more students to seek a career in nursing right now!