9 Ways to Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Having a small bathroom can feel like an endless source of frustration. No matter how you arrange the space, there never seems to be enough room. Getting ready in the morning turns into a cramped juggling act as you, your partner, and your kids (if you have any) bump elbows and compete for precious inches around the sink. At night, you yearn to soak in a relaxing bubble bath but can barely stretch your legs in the tiny tub.

It’s enough to make you want to redesign or move to a bigger home altogether. But before taking on the expense and hassle of a major renovation or move, know that there are many clever tricks you can use to make a small bathroom feel more spacious. With some strategic design changes and smart storage solutions, you can transform your cluttered little washroom into a comfortable space.

Utilize Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Installing wall-mounted fixtures is one of the best ways to open up floor space in a cramped bathroom. Pedestal sinks have a streamlined profile that doesn’t require any bulky cabinetry underneath. Their slender silhouette leaves plenty of open floor area around them. Wall-mounted toilets also conserve square footage since their tanks are concealed inside the wall. This allows you to regain up to 7 inches of floor space that would normally be occupied by a toilet base and exposed tank.

In addition to pedestal sinks and wall-hung toilets, consider wall-mounted faucets and floating bathroom vanities. Faucets that mount directly to the wall eliminate the need for countertop space. If you’re still finding ways to further elevate and efficiently transform your space, consider Luxury Bath conversions that can offer one-day remodeling solutions, ensuring not only optimal utilization of space but also infusing a touch of luxury and elegance into your compact bathroom in a remarkably short span.

Install Shelving

Open shelving is a smart way to store necessities while maintaining an open, uncluttered look in a small bathroom. Floating shelves give you vertical storage of real estate without taking up precious floor area—place shelves at different heights on the walls to maximize space. Keep lower shelves for rolled towels and washcloths within easy reach. Use higher shelves for displaying decorative objects or storing extra toilet paper.

Glass shelves have an especially airy, lightweight appearance to open up the room. Wire shelving is another option that enables you to see through the shelves to create a sense of expanded space. For a natural touch, use floating wooden shelves with a crisp white wash finish that reflects light.

Strategically Place Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of a larger, more expansive area. Place a full-length mirror near the shower or tub to reflect light and make the whole room feel brighter and more spacious. Positioning a floor mirror by the sink also makes the vanity area feel significantly larger.

Hang an oversized mirror above the sink to make the room feel taller and airier. A mirror extending across most of the wall gives the impression of a much wider space.

Install Skylights and Extra Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for making a small bathroom feel open and expansive. If possible, install a skylight to allow ample natural sunlight to stream in. The natural light will instantly brighten up the space and make it feel larger. Position the skylight near the shower or tub to create an airy, spa-like vibe.

If adding a skylight is not feasible, incorporate plenty of lighting fixtures throughout the bathroom. Mount wall sconces on either side of the mirror to cast a soft glow ideal for applying makeup. Recessed can lights in the ceiling provide ambient lighting. The more light you can bounce around the bathroom from both natural and fixture sources, the more expansive the room will feel.

Paint with Light, Neutral Colors

Opting for a a light, neutral color palette is key for keeping a small bathroom feeling bright and spacious. Paint the walls, cabinetry, and trim in soft white, beige, or light gray hues. These muted tones will optically enlarge the room and make the space appear larger.

You can incorporate pops of color with towels, rugs, artwork, and accessories. However, keep the backdrop colors neutral. Dark or bold paint colors tend to make a small bathroom feel closed-in and cramped. Lighter paint shades help reflect light around the room and maintain an airy vibe.

Remove Clutter

Clutter is detrimental to small spaces, so a decluttered look is essential in petite bathrooms. Keep counters free of non-essentials and store items neatly inside cabinets and drawers. Use containers and organizational trays to prevent jumbled messes inside storage areas.

A clutter-free bathroom always looks more peaceful and spacious. Make sure nothing is left sitting out on the floor, which can make the room feel chaotic and smaller. All supplies should be stored out of sight. Only keep the essentials in the bathroom to maintain a tidy, minimalist look.

Install Pocket or Sliding Doors

Swapping out a standard swinging door for a pocket or sliding door is a great way to save precious square footage in a small bathroom. Pocket doors slide directly into the wall, eliminating the floor space that a swinging door would take up.

Sliding doors also conserve space since they don’t have to swing open into the room. Visually, pocket and sliding doors maintain a smooth, uninterrupted look that makes the room appear more expansive.

Use Wallpaper or Tiles Strategically

Strategically placed wallpaper or tile patterns can trick the eye into seeing a larger bathroom space. Installing vertical tile or wallpaper strips draws the gaze upward, making the ceiling appear higher than it is. Bold or dark hues on one wall add depth and make the room feel expanded.

Just be sure to counterbalance dark accents with plenty of light colors elsewhere. Reflective glass tile or glossy wallpaper bounces light around, brightening up the space. With careful placement of tiles and wallpaper, you can make a small bathroom feel more spacious.

Incorporate Multipurpose Furniture

Strategic use of multipurpose furniture is a smart way to maximize every inch in a small bathroom. Look for pieces that serve double duty. For example, choose a wall-mounted cabinet with a built-in magnified makeup mirror. This allows you to save space with a slimmer cabinet but still have an easy-to-use mirror for grooming.

Floating corner shelves can double as towel racks and also provide display space for decorative objects. This allows you to get more function out of the limited space available. With creative multipurpose furnishings, you can make a small bathroom more functional and luxurious.


A cramped, dated bathroom doesn’t have to be a source of endless frustration. Carefully select fixtures and storage solutions to maximize every inch of available space. Using the right ideas, you can create a room that looks and feels so much bigger. Mornings will feel calmer and evenings more relaxing as you move effortlessly through the space where you can enjoy a serene, spa-like retreat right in your own home.