All You Need to Know About the New DVC Points Chart 2023

On average there are almost 60 million visitors to Disney parks and resorts each year, and we bet you want to be one of them!

If so, you’ll soon find that there’s so much to enjoy, from your resort to the parks to the shopping. But it all comes at a high price, and this is what puts off even the biggest Disney fans!

Luckily, there’s a great option to make the most of your trip without putting a major strain on your wallet. It’s the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) point system.

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Here’s what you need to know about the DVC points chart 2023:

What You’ll Find In the DVC Points Chart 2023

In the DVC points chart 2023, you’ll find points you can redeem for many different Disney resorts.

The points chart for DVC will show you how many points are needed for different items.

For example, you’ll see how many points you’ll need to have access to a particular resort club. You’ll also see the points you’ll need for amenities such as using a golf course, accessing a pool, having streaming content, etc.

Make sure you keep a copy of the Disney Vacation Club points chart 2023 with you at all times. This will help you plan for all the amenities and activities you wish to enjoy for your upcoming trip in 2023.

Ensure that you calculate how many points you’ll need for your vacation before buying them. You want to buy one package so you get the best price.

What Else to Know

Now you know what to expect from the DVC points chart and can prepare for your trip.

Let’s look into a few other things you should know about for your Disney vacation and using the Disney Vacation Club membership.

You want to make sure you buy the points as soon as possible as they have a limited quantity. You also have to realize that most points have an expiry date. The DVC points chart 2023 will share when the points expire, and most of them will only last one year.

Make sure you also look up the conditions before you buy DVC points. For example, some will only work if you’ve been a loyal member for a year. Others might only work if you’ve reserved a room at a particular resort.

You also want to see if you can sell or exchange your leftover DVC points. Even if you wish to use all your DVC points, you have to account for last-minute emergencies.

If you can’t use them later, you want to be able to sell them on an exchange. You can swap your points for points that work for other DVC benefits. Or you can sell it directly for cash. 

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See You At Disney

Now you know what to expect from the DVC points chart 2023 and how it’ll help you have a fun vacation in 2023!

You want to keep a copy of the points chart, so you know the cost of points and when they expire. Make sure you calculate ahead of time how many points you’ll need to enjoy your trip.

Follow our best practices to make the most of your trip. Always have a backup option to swap or sell your DVC points.

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