Complete Guide to Ferrari Rental in London for International Tourists

When in London experiencing the ultimate luxury and elegance is mandatory. The posh localities, rich cultural heritage and high class lifestyle of London are best explored in a fashionable and luxurious car. Ferrari is one such luxury sports car brand that best compliments the vibe of London. To rent Ferrari London international tourists require a set of documents. Besides there are certain tips that must be kept in mind to access the perfect Ferrari in London. To know more, give this article a read.

Top Models of Ferrari for Rent in London

London Features some of the leading models of Ferrari. Ideally, the cost to rent Ferrari London is anywhere between GBP 794 to GBP 3,500 on a per day basis. The most in-demand Ferrari cars for rent in London are:

  • Ferrari Portofino M
  • Ferrari F12
  • Ferrari 488 GTB 2018
  • Ferrari 812 Superfast
  • Ferrari Enzo

Documents Required to Rent a Ferrari in London

To rent any car in London including a Ferrari, you must have the list of documents in place. Failure to produce any of them will result in the cancellation of your booking. The documents required to rent Ferrari London are as follows:

  • Passport and visa
  • Driving License
  • International Driving Permit
  • ID proof
  • Credit Card

Tips to Rent the Best Ferrari in London

Renting a Ferrari in London involves certain tips and tricks. Some of them are mentioned below:


The first step to renting the best Ferrari in London is to do your research. There are plenty of car rental companies in London offering cars of varied categories including sports cars. Hence, before finalizing on any one it is highly recommended to check out more than one seller. In this way you are much more aware of the existing market as well. Compare the prices and offerings and you can then rent a sports car UK.

Book in Advance

Advance booking is one of the best ways to rent Ferrari London at a decent price. Most car rental companies offer the provision of advance booking of cars. You may visit their app or website, follow the steps and confirm the booking of your favorite Ferrari in London. Advance booking is a great way to avail additional discounts on all types of car booking.

Take a Test Drive

The last tip for the best Ferrari rental is to take a test drive. Once your car is delivered by the delivery agent, you must closely inspect it. Check all the important specifications carefully. If you come across any abnormalities, bring it to the notice of the agent immediately. Besides, taking a short test drive will give you a better picture regarding the condition of the car.    

To rent a sports car UK the above mentioned tips must surely be kept in mind to access the best cars at attractive prices. If you are looking for the best Ferrari rental in London, OneClickDrive can be your reliable partner and guide.