Does a CPR Certification Expire?

Are you interested in learning how to do CPR to help others in times of emergency? Perhaps you might be considering getting certified.

CPR certification is vital if you must administer first aid, especially in cardiac emergencies. But How long does a CPR certification last? Knowing the answer will help you make the most of your certification and remember the information you’ve learned.

Read on to learn more about CPR certification.

Different Types of CPR Certificates

CPR certificates have different certification lengths depending on their purpose. For lay rescuers or individuals not providing healthcare, the AHA recommends a single-rescuer CPR certification should be valid for one year.

In contrast, the two-rescuer certification should be valid for two years. Red Cross CPR certificates may be valid for either one or two years, depending on the type of certificate.

However, the American Safety & Health Institute may grant a three-year certification. Currently, employers usually prefer that employees receive CPR training more often than every two years.

Determine How Long a CPR Certification Last

The time that a CPR certification is valid depends on the course provider and the type of CPR certification. Generally, certificates from the Red Cross and the American Heart Association stay valid for two years after completion.

Specific organizations may require more frequent recertification, such as every six months. It is also critical to stay current with everything you may know about CPR in order to continue practicing.

Factors That Affect CPR Certification’s Validity

A CPR Certification does expire due to various factors that can affect its validity. Among these factors are changes in standards of practice, legislative changes, and technological advancements.

It is also advisable to always have refresher courses to ensure current certification. You can lose authenticity in cases where the person has not kept their skills and knowledge up to date. 


Exploring Ways to Recertify for CPR

To renew CPR certification, individuals must complete a CPR course from an authorized provider and pass a written test. The recertification course should review the skills already learned.

It also teaches the few changes made to the American Heart Association’s (AHA) guidelines since the initial class. The written test typically covers the new recommendations for recertification.

It consists of 20-25 multiple-choice questions. Receiving recertification is also beneficial in that it can help employers recognize the importance of you staying up to date on your CPR certification.

MyCPR NOW’s CPR certification online service makes it simple to become certified. It is easy and convenient to stay up-to-date on the latest in CPR and first aid practices.

Ensure Certification is Current

Now that you know how long a CPR certificate last, it’s time for CPR recertification. It’s necessary to remain up to date with your certification to ensure you can adequately help in cases of emergency. 

You may contact a healthcare provider for more information about training updates and CPR renewal requirements when in doubt. Don’t let your certification expire!

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