Here’s Why You Should Invest in Quarter Ounce Gold Coins

Investing in quarter ounce gold coins is one of the easiest ways to invest in gold today. While the coin has a face value of $10, the market value of these coins matches that of their gold content. The price of gold hasn’t fallen below $1,000 per ounce since 2008, making gold coins a sound and worthy investment for any portfolio. 

These gold coins are the very modern version of the very same coins that were used for everyday purchases over a century ago. While these beautiful coins are sought after by collectors and investors all over the world, they are one of the few coins guaranteed by the United States government. These gold coins can also be used to purchase precious metals IRAs as a sound investment for retirement. 

Here’s some great reasons to invest in these quarter ounce coins. 

Multiple Mint Sizes Available 

Due to the high demand for these intricately designed and beautiful coins, the United States Mint produces 4 different sizes of these coins annually. They come in a full troy ounce, a half ounce size, a quarter ounce, and one-tenth of an ounce size. The various sizes offer multiple economic options for those who are just starting their investing or collecting journey. Each coin is guaranteed by the American government to contain the actual amount of pure 22 karat gold stated. 

Sound Investment that is Highly Liquid

Quarter ounce gold coins are one of the most popular coins to come out of the United States. They are sought after by collectors and investors globally and their popularity continues to soar. The United States Mint strikes new coins annually to mee public demand. With the price of gold continually increasing, so too are the value of these coins. 

These gold coins are also a highly liquid investment. While they are a solid choice that will continue to increase in value over time, they are easily liquidated when necessary. Only a certain number of these coins are minted annually, keeping demand high. These gold coins are easily converted to cash when the time comes. 

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Own a Piece of History

From the inception to the design, these quarter ounce gold coins reflect America’s rich history. They are sculpted and minted in great detail, reflecting the strength and freedom of our great nation. Whether it’s knowing that the Lady Liberty design first appeared on the $20 coin of 1907 or the reflection of the nation’s iconic bald eagle, owning this coin is like owning a little piece of history. 

Theodore Rosevelt commissioned artists and sculptors to beautify America’s coinage during his time and we are still using those designs today. The Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985 allows these coins to be minted annually and fully backed by America’s government. 

Get Your Quarter Ounce Gold Coins Today

Quarter ounce gold coins are an exceptional way to enhance your collection or improve your portfolio. They are minted annually and guaranteed by the United States government, so their value is sound. Thes gold coins are considered to be some of the most beautiful coins ever struck and distributed. Owning one is like owning a piece of American history. These beautiful gold coins are highly liquid and sure to increase in value. If you’re ready to enhance your collection or increase the value of your portfolio, purchase your quarter ounce gold coins today.