How to create a quit claim deed document?

A quitclaim deed happens to be a document that is used for real estate ownership transfer from one party to another. These are a quick way to accomplish transfer of real estate property ownership and are also sometimes referred to as Quick claim deeds, due to this reason.

A quit claim deed document creation guide 

These are legally binding documents and a recognised by a court of law. Are you thinking of creating a quitclaim deed? You can find a free quitclaim deed form template online which can be downloaded and printed for use in an as-it-is condition or customised to make it suitable for your own specific purpose and situation.

How can you create a quitclaim deed document properly?

If you want to transfer the title of a property with the help of this kind of a document, it must be in a written form – in order to be valid. Keep in mind that this kind of legal document consists of a legal description of the property which is witnessing a transfer of title. It should also have other important pieces of information such as:

  • The county where the property is located
  • Date of title transfer of the property in question
  • Name of the grantor, or the person who is transferring the piece of property
  • Name of the grantee, or the individual who is getting the property
  • If, for the purpose of the transfer of title, a certain amount of money has been paid, then that amount needs to be mentioned in the Florida quit claim deed form as well.

A guide to creating a quit claim deed document 

The document is signed by the grantor and his signature is usually notarized. Based on the state where the quitclaim deed is created in, there might be a need for witnesses. In a few States out there, the deed is also signed by the grantee. It is a common practice to file this kind of deed with the clerk, in the county of location of the property, although it is not necessary in some states.

These types of deeds are an easy and quick way to move property among members of the same family or for the transfer of a piece of real estate into a specific trust. These are not supposed to be used while selling real estate properties.

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Things you can do if your quitclaim deed gets challenged

Generally, it is an extremely straight forward and direct transaction, although this kind of a deed can be challenged in the court. In the event that you face a challenge to your quit claim deed, it is necessary to hire a skilled attorney – who can dispute such kinds of cases in court. In the event that it is indeed challenged in court, an issue arises about whether the property in question was transferred legally as well as whether the grantor had the legal right of transferring the said property. You may download most types of legal documents online at this website.

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