How to prepare Affidavit in UAE

An Affidavit is a legal document that is required by the residents of the UAE. It is a guarantee which shows plans on sponsoring the relative to the country. This is a paper providing evidence of guaranteeing full-fledged financial support or taking full financial responsibility. Under the document, the individual who is crafting the paper swears to take responsibility for the person. The law is taken to provide complete care to the relative under a sponsor. The promise is made to provide financial support and assistance whatsoever.

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What are the certain things needed:

There are certain things needed to draft the affidavit in the UAE.  To create the document you may need things discussed below: 

  • For the identification of a person, you need to provide the details in the first paragraph. It should include the full legal name, date of birth, place of birth, and other information.  An affidavit is always in written format.
  • If you are utilizing the affidavit for the sponsorship, the second paragraph should be used to illustrate the relationship with the person you are planning to sponsor.  Following this, the third paragraph should include the details provided on how often you visit or see your relative.
  • It is necessary to give away all the information about yourself and your relationship with the person you are applying for the UAE visa. The affidavit is filled on this along with details regarding the immigrants you are sponsoring. The qualification of the person also needs to be disclosed.
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  • Furthermore, there is a need to meet the income specification of being a sponsor to any of your relatives. You must have at least an income of AED 3,500 on a monthly basis before sponsoring your relative.  
  • In case, you are unable to meet the income requirements then there is a possibility of including the value of the assets in the documents. The cash value of the assets can be used in sponsorship papers.
  • Specific papers are also needed to provide evidence of the statements made. In the affidavit, the support and guarantee are done via supporting documents to support your claim.  Usually, photocopies of the papers need to be attached.
  • In the UAE, there is a requirement to consult a seasoned and skilled attorney or lawyer. He will assist in determining what is needed in the UAE for the process.  The lawyers have the knowledge and understanding regarding the legislation and the rules in the country. There may be a need for the original documents along with attaching the photocopies of the papers to verify them.                                          
  • For the process to accomplish, you need to prevent proof and evidence that you are a resident of the UAE. This is the paper that proves your residency status in the country. The papers include the passport, birth certificate, and Emirate ID.
  • Additionally, you may need to attach the certificate of employment from the owner, boss, or employer along with the statement of income from the prior months. Furthermore, the authorities may ask for proof of the accommodation along with the affidavit of support and guarantee in UAE.
  • On the other hand, for the sponsor, you may need to prove the relationship by submitting the papers including a report of birth, date of birth, place of birth, report of marriage, marriage certificate, and other information.

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