How to Style Jewelry: 6 Tips for Women

Wearing jewelry has been an essential part of fashion for centuries. But with the rise of virtual meetings and lockdowns during COVID-19, jewelry trends have again taken the market by storm. 

The jewelry industry is expected to reach $59.57 billion in 2022, proving once again that jewelry is a beautiful way to express yourself. 

But how do you style jewelry in a way that is fashion-forward? In this guide, we will cover popular jewelry trends and share tips to help you feel your best in your jewelry collection.

Here’s How to Style Jewelry: 6 Tips for Women.

  1. Wearing Different Types of Jewelry

There are several types of jewelry for women to choose from, which can make styling jewelry a confusing process, especially if you have a large collection to choose from. 

Think about the impact of your jewelry. If you are wearing large statement earrings, you can choose to wear a subtle necklace, or perhaps no necklace at all. Statement earrings generally pair well with bangles, watches, or bracelets.

Alternatively, if you are wearing a heavy statement necklace, opt for complimentary earrings that are subtle, like studs. 

It is fine to mix different types of jewelry but it is important to think about what you are pairing together to avoid going overboard. If you suspect you have put on too much jewelry, remove one piece before leaving the house. 

  1. Style Jewelry to Provide Versatility

With our busy schedules these days, we are often running between work and social engagements. Look for versatile jewelry. 

A nice platinum necklace looks professional in the office, but can also accessorize an outfit for a night out. Look for pieces that can be worn in any environment and with any style of outfit.

A nice tennis bracelet or bangle can be paired with formal jewelry for a classic look, or worn casually with a button-up blouse and a pair of jeans.

Hoop earrings, studs, stacking rings, occasion watches, and chain bracelets are among some of the most versatile pieces to add to any jewelry collection. Look for pieces you can mix and match and wear in a variety of environments.

  1. Stack and Layer Jewelry for Women

Stacking and layering are one of the most popular trends in jewelry.  It involves wearing jewelry of different materials, and textures together in a pattern. 

For rings, stack complimentary rings of different colors and designs at an equal distance apart on a few fingers. Make sure your two hands appear balanced. 

Stacking can also be done with earrings. Constellation earring patterns and mixing and matching have become increasingly popular. If you have multiple earholes, mix studs, with dangle and drop earrings and hoops for a unique layered look.

You can also stack different bangles and bracelets. Or, layer necklaces of different lengths that complement each other.

Stacking and layering are best achieved through experimentation. Take time to play with your jewelry to see what looks good, and make sure you change things up frequently.

  1. Look for Mixed Metal Jewelry Ideas

Mixing metals is among the popular jewelry ideas for women as well. Style jewelry by mixing different materials to provide interest in dimension to your look. Combine gold tones with silver and rose gold tones.

Remember there are four regions to pay attention to ears, wrists, fingers, and the neck. While you don’t need to wear jewelry in all these locations, you should mix your metals in a similar palette in any region you are wearing jewelry.

Wear metals that compliment your skin tone and personal style. Mixing metals provides a fresh modern, rocker-chic look. 

You can also look for interesting an interesting jewelry design made of mixed metals. These kinds of pieces make interesting and versatile additions to any jewelry collection.

  1. Create a Focal Point

When you are wearing jewelry, always be conscious of the focal point. Jewelry should have a sense of harmony and balance.

Remember that earrings are in the line of vision of everyone you come face-to-face in conversation with, so don’t neglect your ears. Switch up your earrings often to create intrigue.

If you’re planning on stacking your rings, don’t neglect your nails. Statement rings and layered rings should be accompanied by fresh manicures if you are drawing attention to your hands.

If you are wearing a statement piece, find an area of the body you feel comfortable drawing attention to and use the piece to highlight that region of the body.

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  1. Wear Jewelry You Love

Jewelry should be a way to express your style in a unique way. 

Make sure you are putting thought into the types of pieces you wear. Create patterns that tell a story. Wearing jewelry says a lot about your personality, status, and sense of self. The pieces you wear should be chosen with intention.

Consider repurposing a sentimental piece from a relative. Or treat yourself to a custom piece of with gemstones, crystals, or loose diamonds and a jewelry design of your choosing. 

Find pieces that match your style. Timeless pieces pair well with classic feminine styles, but if your fashion has a bit of edge, opt for modern pieces with a mix of metals and textures.

Styling Your Jewelry With Confidence

Using jewelry as a form of self-expression has been a popular trend for centuries. But figuring out how to style jewelry effectively takes a bit of practice. 

By following these 6 Tips for Women on How to Style Jewelry, you can feel confident your jewelry is no trend and making a statement. 

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