Plastic-Free Packaging: Transitioning to Sustainable Alternatives

Whether you’re running any kind of retail store, online or not, you’ll want to be sure to look for more sustainable ways of doing things. From selling art to crafts, many product-based businesses around the world are contributing to the problems of the environment by not paying attention to their packaging. If you want to be sure to build a company that does what it can to protect the planet, here are a few alternatives that you can consider:  

Do some testing

One of the first things you’ll need to do when it comes to your packaging is to consider the transportation of your products. Some products may not hold up well depending on your method of shipping them, depending on what your product is. So when you’re thinking of using alternative packaging options for sustainable practices, also make sure you’re testing to make sure that it can pass ista 3A testing procedures, etc., so that you can be confident your products will remain intact and undamaged.

Consider reusable packaging

A way to provide packaging that helps ship your product but is also good for the planet is to consider reusable packaging. Say that you’re sending out products with multiple pieces. You’d want to keep them in a secure package while also appealingly presenting them. A reusable cloth bag could help you send items in this way, for example, while giving your customers a sort of keepsake from your brand.

Although it may be a bit of an investment, it could bring more appeal to consumers, resulting in more items being sold, making it a win-win in the end.

Reward recycling

If you must use packaging that could seem a bit “wasteful” but is necessary for the product you’re shipping to consumers, consider offering rewards for those who recycle. You could start a program where photos are uploaded of items being recycled. Or you can use barcodes to track items and create a return program where your packaging is reused for more and more products. There are countless options for rewarding consumers who recycle, so consider working with an environmental specialist who can help you succeed with your packaging ideas.

Minimize packaging

Although it’s not always possible, look for ways to use less material in your packaging. While it’s not always easy, based on the kind of products you sell, if you can figure out the best way to keep your products safe while also using less material, especially plastic, the better it can be for the planet.

Some brands are sending out tiny products in huge boxes with an abundance of bubble wrap and Styrofoam. If you can avoid packaging in this way, at least you’ll be making some impact on better sustainable business practices in this day and age.

Research the latest packaging products

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Look, as a business, sometimes you just can’t get around using packaging with your products. But, with that said, you’ll want to look into the various new options on the market today that can still protect your products in shipping while also being better options for the environment. Things like mushroom root packaging or bioplastics are a better alternative than your run-of-the-mill packaging products.

Instead of using bubble wrap, there are options like air pillows that are designed with environmentally friendly materials and are recyclable. Do more research when planning how you will package your products, and you can be confident that you’ll be doing more for the planet.

In Conclusion

It’s time for businesses to take a look at how they’re impacting the environment. For product-based businesses, how you package your products really does matter. Learn how to be more sustainable with your brand and you can have more peace of mind with how you’re showing up as a business in this world that we live in. With more consumers looking for sustainable products, it makes sense to look for more sustainable ways of doing things.