Surprisingly Superior Burritos in the USA

The burrito is one of the main staples of Tex-Mex cuisine, but you don’t have to live in Texas to find the best burritos in the country. Now that the Covid crisis has largely passed, foodies are now freer to travel, so you can go on your own quest to find the absolutely best burritos in the country. 

Georgia: Surcheros Grilled Burritos

Surcheros is a relatively new brand in the fast-food franchise industry, with 18 locations mainly set in Georgia. What sets the brand apart is that the folks here always serve fresh ingredients. The people who work here like to boast that you won’t find a freezer in any of their locations. 

The burritos here are always great, but it’s fairer to say that it’s the entire Surcheros experience that lures in customers on a regular basis. The place offers that casual, relaxed vibe, and the Surcheros Fresh Grill menu prices are extremely reasonable. That’s why it’s a favorite hangout for students along with entire families. 

Here you have several types of burritos available, including a veggie burrito. The standard burrito is huge at 12 inches, with many different types of tortilla along with a very long list of toppings. It’s a great combination of quality and quantity. 

Honolulu: Kono’s North Shore Little Breakfast Restaurant Breakfast Bombers

Many people find it surprising to discover that Honolulu is home to one of the best burritos in the country. The Kono’s North Shore Little Breakfast Restaurant seems humbly casual, but their Breakfast Bombers (breakfast burritos) are just epic. It’s a fantastic breakfast with the usual suspects of cheese and potatoes, with painstakingly prepared eggs and reliably crunchy bacon. With the little bit of red-hot salsa, it’s a great start to every morning. 

Vegetarians can opt for an all-veggie option, or you can go with chorizo, Portuguese sausage, Kalua pork, and bacon. Then you enhance this with the other toppings, like some sliced avocado and spicy jalapeños. Put in lots of sour cream, and you’re all set. Once you’ve had a taste of this, other burritos on the mainland may not seem all that anymore, especially if you settle for a breakfast burrito from a gas station! 

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Raleigh, North Carolina: YoHo Hibachi & Sushi Burrito Sushi Burrito

Raleigh isn’t really a place you immediately think about when it comes to burritos, or sushi for that matter. But here, they offer a fusion of flavors with their sushi burrito that you’ll unlikely to find anywhere else. It’s a complex combination of Western and Eastern flavors that give you a big bold burst of yumminess. 

With this option, you can customize the burrito with your pick of fish, crab, or shrimp. If you’re a vegetarian, then you can try the burrito with cucumber, avocado, and seaweed salad. This is proof positive that vegetarian options don’t have to be boring! 

NYC: Dos Toros Taqueria Mission Style Burrito

New Yorkers like to boast that NYC is the greatest city in the world, since you can find anything here—and often, that “anything” is also world-class. That’s true of the burritos here from Dos Toros Taqueria, where they offer that scrumptious traditional burrito package of flavors but with an NYC twist. 

Your burrito starts off with the freshly made steamed tortilla, which you can then fill up with your favorite classic fillings. So, you can go with rice and beans along with pollo, carnitas, and carne asada. For those who are on a plant-based menu, you can get some spiced brussels sprouts along with the famous Impossible ground beef. 

Now that you’re done with the protein base, you can pile on more veggies. Add some cheese along with the onions, peppers, corn, and black beans. Fresh guacamole is available, along with some nice homemade salsa. You can really amp up the creamy guac and sour cream by adding some smokey or habanero hot sauce. 

These burritos are huge, and they sure are packed with flavor. As the saying goes, they sure hit the spot! 

Miami: A-Mari-Mix Restaurant Burrito Clasico

Those who come from the US heartland may find Miami a bit strange, since 70% of the city’s population is Hispanic. Most of them are of Cuban descent, so it surprises some people that Tex-Mex is popular here. 

Come to the A-Mari-Mix Restaurant and get the Burrito Classico, and you’ll get a gorgeous dish that combines flavor with a truly beautiful presentation. It’s as if an artist used 2 types of crema to decorate the dish. This is best enjoyed with a fork and knife, or else you’ll just make a mess. 

You start off with your choice of meat, which can pork, shrimp, ropa vieja, beef, steak, or chicken. Then you add the refried beans that was cooked especially slow, a generous amount of rice, and lots of vegetables. With the signature sauces, fresh tomatoes, and a bit of cilantro, this is one flavorful option you won’t forget! 

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