The Best Project Management Tools: NetSuite OpenAir Vs. Nifty


A business can benefit in several ways by utilizing the right project management tool. Both Nifty and NetSuite OpenAir offer project management services but in their unique way.  

While Nifty stands out by promoting efficiency and cooperation through task integration, discussions and document sharing, OpenAir distinguishes itself by emphasizing effective project delivery.  

This comparative article will explain both tools’ advantages and disadvantages and how they help create well-organized processes that produce good project results.    

NetSuite OpenAir  

A comprehensive project management solution, NetSuite OpenAir provides a cloud-based suite that covers every aspect of the project delivery cycle.

With OpenAir, you can say goodbye to using spreadsheets and fragmented techniques for resource management and project planning.  

This tool ensures seamless integration while enabling quick and remote access to crucial information and resources. Through real-time visibility, resource monitoring, skilled project management, and financial success, it provides customer pleasure.  

OpenAir transforms project management into an easy-to-use procedure accessible anywhere and anytime.

This is made possible with the help of reporting, educational dashboards, and a wide range of pricing features.  

What makes it stand out? 

Because managers have access to project analytics, NetSuite OpenAir stands apart by enabling them to increase profitability through improved pricing, billing rates and staffing.

By seamlessly integrating project activities with business finances, the software provides accuracy in accounting billing and enhanced cash flow throughout the project’s duration.

Additionally, it allows improved communication and coordination between project managers, consultants, company executives, and clients by automating the development of status reports. It further assists by providing notifications and streamlining document exchange.

This feature-rich platform facilitates efficient cooperation at all organizational levels and streamlines project management.        


Some of the essential features are:

Resource Management, Project Management, Project Budgeting, Invoicing and Billing, Timesheet Management and Expense Management.    

Who is it for? 

NetSuite OpenAir serves a wide range of sectors and is built to fit enterprises of various sizes.  

It efficiently supports companies in various industries, including manufacturing, wholesale distribution, retail, restaurants, hospitality, professional services, media and publishing manufacturing.  

Its scalability and integration with multiple industries make it a valuable tool for businesses in various sectors, promoting project management productivity and efficiency.      

Pros and Cons   


  • Complete project lifecycle management: OpenAir is a comprehensive cloud-based suite that allows you to manage every stage of the project delivery, from initial planning to ongoing activity tracking.
  • Real-time visibility and accessibility: This tool provides real-time insights and grants access to project information and tools from any location, enabling timely decision-making and responsive actions.  
  • Improved profitability: NetSuite OpenAir allows you to maximize profitability by optimizing pricing, billing rates and staffing based on project analytics, ensuring a financially successful outcome.  
  • Efficient resource management: OpenAir allows you to effectively manage resource allocation, ensuring that the appropriate resources are given to projects, thereby boosting productivity and project success.    


  • Complicated for smaller projects: Despite being made to be versatile, NetSuite OpenAir may be too complex and intimidating for jobs and projects that are smaller in scope.
  • Integration difficulty: OpenAir provides integration possibilities, but users without prior knowledge or experience may have trouble using them, thus necessitating more time and resources.  
  • Higher price tag: Some customers have complained that OpenAir is more expensive than comparable solutions despite offering exceptional services.  
  • Limited features: Beyond the fundamental functionality now offered, several users have voiced a desire for OpenAir to provide a broader range of features tailored to their needs.    

Pricing Structure     

By adjusting its pricing structure to match each company’s specific needs, OpenAir caters to enterprises of all sizes.  

An annual licensing cost and a one-time implementation fee are often included in the pricing. The licensing fee consists mostly of two parts:

  • Core platform
  • Number of users  


You can either schedule a demo to explore the product’s specific features in-depth or book a free tour of the entire product to get a comprehensive overview.


With features like chat, task management, goal setting and document sharing, Nifty acts as a single workspace that integrates work done by individuals, teams and organizations.  

With everything you need in one location, this removes the need to juggle various tools. Nifty increases team productivity and speeds up project development by combining key project management features.  

Its comprehensive strategy encourages automated progress tracking based on project milestones, ensuring everyone stays aligned with organizational goals and that project objectives are accomplished quickly.

What makes it stand out?

A dedicated location is provided for several debates across various projects by Nifty’s discussion boards, which serve as an effective tool to promote team collaboration and communication.

Additionally, it offers to-do lists and progress indicators to effectively manage activities and divide complicated projects into manageable parts.  

As milestones are displayed on the visual roadmap, Nifty makes it possible to track deadlines and remaining time for each project.  

Project management is made more accessible with this strategy since it guarantees timely progress and provides insightful information about project schedules.  


Some of the essential features are:

Time Tracking, Reporting, Roadmaps (Gantt Chart), Goals, Tasks, Forms and Project Portfolios.  

Who is it for?

It is made to cater to small, mid and large-sized businesses.        

Pros and Cons   


  • Roadmap: Nifty’s visual roadmap ensures deadlines are met and delivers useful insights into project timeframes by clearly presenting project milestones.
  • United workspace: By combining chat, task management, goal setting, document sharing and file storage into a single workspace, Nifty is an all-in-one platform that promotes fluid communication.
  • Communication streamlined: Communication is simplified thanks to the platform’s discussion boards, which enable several debates for diverse projects and facilitate team collaboration.
  • Management of documents: Nifty effectively organizes and tracks documents by providing features like commenting, version control, and sharing. This promotes effective collaboration on project-related content.        


  • Constraints on customization: Some users complain that Nifty’s customization possibilities are pretty limited, which limits its capacity to adapt successfully to different workflow requirements.  
  • Complex pricing structure: Some users have described Nifty’s price structure, which includes its many plans and add-ons, as confusing and overwhelming.
  • Limited third-party integrations: Nifty integrates with well-known tools, but the range of those integrations might not include all programs, limiting its ability to work with an organization’s current software ecosystem.
  • Limited offline functionality: Users needing uninterrupted work functionality without a reliable internet connection may find Nifty challenging due to its limitations on its offline capabilities.    

Pricing Structure    

  • Free: $0
  • Starter: $49/month
  • Pro: $99/month
  • Business: $149/month
  • Unlimited: $499/month  


Schedule a demo to take a look at how the features work and integrate with your business.      


With its cloud-based solid platform, NetSuite OpenAir offers a full range of project management tools that guarantee real-time visibility, effective resource management and streamlined invoicing processes.

Because of its infrastructure, which boosts profitability, it’s an excellent option for companies that require sophisticated project management capabilities.

On the other hand, Nifty thrives as a versatile, all-in-one workplace, encouraging collaboration and gathering crucial project elements.  

Its user-friendly interface encourages team alignment, making tracking project progress easier.  

Companies looking to invest in any tool should consider their goals, budget and priorities, considering each tool’s drawbacks and advantages.