Top 5 Careers for Fitness Buffs

When choosing a career, it’s best to go for a job that mixes passion and good income. People who love fitness might think they have limited options. But it’s the opposite!

You’re sure to land a stable career if you have an appetite for learning and developing new skills. Behind the surface, the fitness industry consists of many layers. With all the options available, it can be challenging to figure out where to start looking.

So here’s a breakdown of the top five careers in fitness to guide you.

1. Physical Therapist

A physical therapist helps individuals rebuild their strength as a form of rehabilitation. Usually, patients who undergo physical therapy suffer from injuries and chronic conditions.

Physical therapists make plans that consist of exercise and training. These depend on what the patient needs to increase mobility.

It’s also one of the top careers in fitness that pay well, with an average salary of around $90,000 per year.

2. Athletic or Fitness Trainer

Being a trainer is one of the top jobs in fitness, focusing on athletics or fitness.

An athletic trainer work in the sports industry by guiding athletes. Athletic trainers are responsible for setting exercise schedules for athletes. They also provide emergency care and treatment.

Fitness trainers follow a similar workflow as athletic trainers but focus on fitness. They guide people in gyms, fitness centers, and health clubs, usually in groups. Compared to athletic trainers, fitness trainers also act as a motivator.

You can further enhance your fitness knowledge by getting a Youth Fitness Certification.

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3. Health Educator

The fitness industry doesn’t only focus on the physical aspects of things. It also involves understanding and learning the appropriate steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

One of the careers you can consider includes being a health educator. The role of a health educator is to assist and teach people about healthy and unhealthy behavior. Their goal is to help others understand what changes to make for better well-being.

4. Dietitian or Nutritionist

You can say there are similarities between careers in nutrition and fitness. And so, even if you lean more towards the fitness industry, you can work in the nutrition field!

Some of your options include a job as a dietitian or nutritionist. These are experts in food and dietetics that guide people in maintaining health.

They usually differ in their field of expertise and required certifications. In the US, dietitians can treat clinical conditions, while some nutritionists cannot.

5. Recreational Therapist

Like physical therapists, recreational therapists use exercise to treat patients. These therapists often work with those involved in accidents or the disabled. They aim to help them regain confidence and self-belief by improving mobility.

The programs involved in recreational therapy include a broad range of activities. A few examples are sports, dance, art, drama, and more.

Find More Careers in Fitness!

There are many fitness careers available as long as you know your focus. It could be in health, sports, medicine, and the like.

So why wait any longer? Check out our blog to explore careers in fitness and other jobs!

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