What Are 3D Shapes And Geometric Shapes?

In Maths, the term Geometric shapes are recognised as the figures which demonstrate some particular shape of any objects we see around us. The shapes in geometry are the forms of objects which have some limited boundary lines along with the angles as well as the surfaces. There are a few relations between the 3D shapes and the geometric shapes. The 3D shapes are three-dimensional figures which have faces, vertices, and edges. All the mentioned three dimensions consist of 3D geometric shapes. The very common and basic 3D shapes are cone and cylinder and sphere etc. In this article, we will learn about 3D shapes and geometric shapes. 

Classification of Shapes

The classification of shapes is done with respect to their regularity or uniformity. 

  • A shape that is regular is usually symmetrical, for example, square and circle, etc. The shapes that are irregular are said to be asymmetrical. They are also known as freeform shapes or sometimes as organic shapes. For example, we can say that the shape of a tree is irregular, alias organic.
  • In a geometrical plane, the two-dimensional shapes are flat shapes as well as closed figures. 
  • The above-mentioned shapes can be observed in our day-to-day lives also the things around us have different shapes and sizes. For example circle and square, the rectangle and the rhombus, etc.  
  • In solid geometry, there are different three-dimensional shapes which are cubes, cuboids, cones, cylinders,  and spheres. We can also observe all these above-discussed shapes in our daily existence. For example, books have cuboid shapes, the glasses are cylindrical in shape, the cones of traffic have conical shapes, etc.

3-D Shapes in Detail

In the topic of geometry, the 3D shapes are said to be solid shapes or figures that are three dimensions. Generally, we can say that the length and width and height are the dimensions of 3D shapes which are also known as three-dimensional shapes. The 3D shapes are usually defined by their respective properties which they hold. Such as the faces and edges along with the vertices and the curved surfaces, lateral surfaces, and volume.

The 3D shapes are the solids that consist of 3 dimensions which are namely – the length, the breadth, and the height. The 3D in the word 3D shapes itself means three-dimensional figures. Every geometric shape which is 3D occupies some space based on its dimensions. Some examples of other 3D shapes are cuboids, cubes, cones, and cylinders. These shapes are fun to learn especially platforms like Cuemath makes it easy to understand as well.

Geometric Shapes

The Geometric Shapes can be termed as figures which are enclosed by boundaries and the one that is created by combining the specific amount of curves. Along with them they also connect the points along with the lines. There are different geometric shapes which are known as triangles and circles etc. Before shifting the focus to rather advanced and competitive concepts in maths of geometry and algebra, it is very important that we first acquire the necessary understanding of the shapes that are geometric. Though all of us know about the common geometric shapes like rectangle, square, and circle, and triangle. 

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A figure that is square is defined as a four-sided figure which is created by connecting 4 line segments with each other. These line segments which are in the square are all of similar or equal lengths and they come together to form 4 right angles.


On the other hand, we can define the figure of a circle as they have no straight lines. We can also say that it is rather a combination of curves that are all connected with each other. In a circle, we can notice that there are no angles to be found.


Very much similar to a square, the rectangle is also created by connecting four line segments with each other. However, we can say that the only difference between a square and a rectangle is that a rectangle has two line segments that are longer than the opposite two line segments.


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