What Is Henna Brows?

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Henna brows have become a popular alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting. Henna is a natural dye that is derived from the henna plant, which has been used for centuries in various cultures for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. In this blog, we will explore what henna brows are, how they work, and the benefits they offer.

What Is Henna Brows?

Henna brows are a form of eyebrow tinting that involves using a henna-based dye to stain the skin and hair. Unlike traditional eyebrow tinting, which only colors the hair, henna brows also dye the skin underneath the brow hairs, creating a fuller and more defined look.

How Do Henna Brows Work?

During a henna brow treatment, a technician will shape the brows and apply the henna dye to the skin and hairs using a brush. The dye is left to develop for several minutes, typically between 10-20 minutes, depending on the desired color intensity. Once the dye is fully developed, it is removed, revealing the new, darker, and more defined eyebrows.

Benefits Of Henna Brows:

  • Longer-Lasting: Henna brows typically last longer than traditional eyebrow tinting, with results lasting up to six weeks.
  • Natural Ingredients: Henna is a natural ingredient that is gentle on the skin and does not contain harsh chemicals.
  • Customizable: Henna brows can be customized to achieve the desired color and shape of the eyebrows.
  • Fuller And More Defined Brows: Henna brows dye the skin underneath the brow hairs, creating a fuller and more defined look.
  • Easy And Quick: Henna brow treatments are relatively quick and easy, taking less than an hour to complete.


Henna brows are a natural and long-lasting alternative to traditional eyebrow tinting. They use a henna-based dye to stain both the skin and hair, creating fuller and more defined eyebrows. Henna brows are customizable, easy, and quick to perform, and offer natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin. If you are interested in trying to henna brows, consider scheduling an appointment with a qualified technician to see if it is right for you.

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How Long Do Henna Eyebrows Last?

How long do henna brows last? The results from your henna brow treatment usually last up to 2 weeks on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hairs.

Is Henna Brows Better Than Microblading?

An average henna brow tinting costs less than microblading and lasts for 6 to 8 weeks. If someone is looking for a microblading effect but wants a less permanent alternative to meet the expense and the pain of microblading then Henna brows is the most opportune and trouble-free decision.

What Are The Benefits Of Henna Brows?

Henna brows produce longer lasting results. Lasting up to 6 weeks on the hairs, it also tints the skin which is great if you would like a better shape to your brows. It fills in anywhere you have gaps.

What Is The Difference Between Henna And Tint?

Regular brow tint and henna brow colour are both semi-permanent. Having said that… Brow henna has the ability to last much longer than regular brow tint. The skin staining from regular brow tint (if any at all) will fade within 1-3 days, with the tint on the hairs lasting up to 2-3 weeks.


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