What Is The Rumbling?

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The concept of the Rumbling in Attack on Titan has sparked intrigue and speculation among fans. This article aims to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Rumbling, providing insights into its origins, significance, and impact on the narrative.

What Is The Rumbling?

The Rumbling Attack, a pivotal plot point in Attack on Titan, involves the activation of colossal Titans to trudge across the world, causing widespread destruction. This section delves into the mechanics of the Rumbling Attack and its role in the storyline.

What Is The Rumbling Aot:

Commonly referred to as AOT, Attack on Titan introduces the Rumbling as a cataclysmic event. This section explores how the Rumbling is portrayed in the anime and manga, analyzing its thematic significance within the Attack on Titan universe.

Why Did Eren Start The Rumbling:

Eren Yeager’s decision to initiate the Rumbling is a turning point in the narrative. This section delves into Eren’s motivations, examining the events and emotions that led to his controversial choice.

What Is The Rumbling 854:

The year 854 holds particular significance in the Attack on Titan timeline. This section provides context to the events of this year, explaining how they contribute to the unfolding of the Rumbling.

What Is The Rumbling In History:

The Rumbling is deeply rooted in the history of the Attack on Titan world. This section explores the historical context and the impact of past decisions on the present, shedding light on the interconnectedness of the narrative.

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What Is The Rumbling Aot No Spoilers:

For readers or viewers avoiding spoilers, this section offers a spoiler-free overview of the Rumbling in Attack on Titan, providing essential information without divulging critical plot details.

How Did The Rumbling Stop:

The resolution of the Rumbling brings closure to the storyline. This section analyzes the events that led to the cessation of the Rumbling and their implications for the characters and the world.

How Many Colossal Titans Are In The Rumbling:

Understanding the scale of the Rumbling involves knowing the number of colossal Titans involved. This section provides details on the sheer magnitude of the Rumbling force, emphasizing its global impact.


The Rumbling in Attack on Titan is a complex and emotionally charged narrative element. This article seeks to provide a comprehensive understanding of its various facets, offering fans a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of this pivotal plot development.


What Is The Rumbling In Attack Of Titan?

The Rumbling is a catastrophic event, as it involves an army of Colossal Titans marching across the world and trampling everything in their path. Eren Yeager initiated it in an attempt to protect his people by annihilating all their enemies.

Why Does Eren Cause The Rumbling?

Summary. Eren’s turn from hero to villain was driven by his intense hatred for Titans and a desire for vengeance for his people’s suffering. Eren believed The Rumbling was the only way to stop the world’s constant attacks on Paradis and free Eldians from the burdens of their past.

Is The Rumbling Good Or Bad?

The rumbling doesn’t just wipe away human life, it also kills animals and plants. This would drastically heat up the earth long term.

How Many Titans Are In The Rumbling?

According to his estimations, there were around 573,084 Wall Titans in the Rumbling.

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