10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Professional IT Support

The debate over whether to keep something in-house, or outsource it is something that most businesses know very well. For small businesses, the tendency is often to keep things in-house, because they believe that it is cheaper. However, when it comes to IT support, working with a professional IT provider can have many benefits.

It is often the case that small businesses don’t want to pay for professional services because of the cost. However, in most cases, the benefits of professional IT support far outweigh the cost. We discussed this with TechQuarters, a Managed IT Services London-based small businesses have been using for over 12 years. In their experience, small businesses stand to gain a lot from IT support services.

Professional IT Support for Small Business

When we talk about professional IT support, it means partnering with a business whose main profession is providing the expertise and resources that other businesses need in order to outsource the support and management of their technology.

The benefits of these types of services vary – from better business continuity, more robust security, or simply better IT preparedness in the event of major technical difficulties. When we asked TechQuarters, who provide IT Support Services London businesses use, they summed up the benefits of professional IT support like so: It allows small businesses to focus on what they do best; rather than worrying about network servers and computers, a business can put more time and energy into expanding their operations and improving their services for the market.

 Below are some of the top benefits of professional IT support for small businesses.

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  • IT Preparedness

Considering how closely business and technology are integrated these days, it makes sense that IT preparedness should be a big part of every organisation’s operations. This essentially means knowing that in the event of a technical problem, one has the resources – or in this case, access to the resources – to deal with the problem and get it solved as quickly as possible. An IT Partner who understands your tools and software, can provide you with insights and provide you with Microsoft 365 consultancy for example when using Microsoft tools and subscriptions in your business. 

Nothing is more frustrating than feeling helpless to resolve a problem. With professional IT services, one can ensure that they never have that feeling when it comes to their technology.

  • Increased Return on Investment

Most businesses that pay for professional IT support services will likely attest to the fact that they pay for themselves many times over. Any situation where a business cannot function as normal is a situation where they are losing money – whether it be because employees aren’t able to complete their work, or because customer services are not functioning properly. It is important not to underestimate the value of consistency in business.

  • Consistent Business Uptime

Following on from the previous point, professional IT support can ensure that businesses have more consistent uptime. That is, they are operating with a normal service for a higher percentage of time. Whenever IT causes problems, it results in downtime (and, of course, time is money). According to TechQuarters, whose experience providing IT support Oxford Circus businesses has seen them racing to restore many businesses to their normal running service, more consistent uptime is one of the most valuable benefits of IT support services.

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  • Network & Organisational Security

Considering the amount of data being created and utilized by businesses, and the amount of digital channels that businesses use, it is a very sound financial decision to invest in professional IT support. This is because IT providers will always have the most up-to-date, and extensive knowledge on the latest cybersecurity tools and approaches.

There are many security-related instances where having a skilled IT support team will be invaluable – whether its recovering lost or stolen data, dealing with an infected device, etc.