5 Window-Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Performance

Windows are an essential part of every home. They illuminate your home with natural light and allow fresh air to pass through. You can see the amazing outdoor views through the windows. Windows are also crucial for security purposes. That’s why every homeowner wants to make sure that their windows last longer and perform well.

Since the windows face all types of outside harsh weather, it’s obvious that they are more prone to wear and tear. That is particularly true if you live where extreme weather is a norm, like Pittsburgh, for instance. Pittsburgh is prone to storms, hurricanes, excess rain and snow, and heavy winds. These extreme climate conditions can severely damage your windows. How long your windows last not only depends on the materials they are made of, but it also depends on how much effort you put into maintaining them.

So here are five window maintenance tips you can use to increase their lifespan and performance.

  1. Replace Broken Hardware:

It’s crucial to act quickly if any part of the windows gets broken. For example, if the frame, window handle, sash component, or any piece of hardware breaks, replace it immediately. If you ignore these little damages, they will soon turn into bigger problems. Or if you feel like your window hardware is outdated and might not stand the test of time, you should replace the hardware or get completely new windows.

The reason why it’s so important is that the good condition of the hardware is essential for the proper functioning of the windows. But don’t take the DIY route and rather look for expert window replacement companies in your area to do this task.

For example, if you live in Pittsburgh and you are wondering, “Who are experts in Pittsburgh window replacement near me that can professionally do this job?” look no further. Joyce Services knows the weather conditions in Pittsburgh well and has various decades of window replacement experience in Pittsburgh. They will replace your windows with expert designs that will last longer.

  1. Do Regular Window Inspections:

Even when your windows do not show any visible damage, there can still be some hidden issues that you can only detect with regular inspections. So make it a habit to inspect your windows thoroughly after every three to four months. Or if there has been an extreme season with excess rain, strong winds, hurricanes, heavy snowfall, etc., then don’t wait for another three or four months and inspect your windows for damage right after the extreme season has passed.

When you identify a problem in the early stages, you can tackle it easily. Things to inspect include the rubber seals that allow the glass to stay in place for breaks, the gaps or cracks between the frame of the windows and wall, any signs of condensation or moisture between the window panes, etc. To check for any signs of rot, you can use a metal probe.

Moreover, check the caulking around the windowsWindow caulk is a material that serves as a sealant. It protects your windows against water and moisture. The window caulking in your house mustn’t be peeling or cracking. 

  1. Keep Your Windows Clean:

When we say keep your windows clean for long-lasting performance, we are not only talking about cleaning the glass of the window. Of course, it is important to clean the window glass, but you should also pay attention to the surrounding areas. One of the most important things to keep cleaning regularly is the window tracks. It is obvious that dust, debris, small particles, and grime easily get trapped in window tracks.

If you don’t clean the window tracks for longer periods, all this dirt that gathered in the tracks over time will make it difficult to open and close your windows. Your windows will not operate smoothly, or your window can get completely stuck. The best idea here is to clean your window tracks using a dry brush and wiping off any dirt. You should also grease your window tracks so that your windows don’t stall or make loud noises when you are opening or closing them.

  1. Be Mindful Of How You Clean Your Windows:

It is important to keep in mind the material your windows are made of so that you can clean them the right way. For example, if you have wood windows, you need to be extra careful with water around them. Do not pressure wash your wood windows like with a water hose because so much water with so much pressure will no doubt get the dirt off your windows, but it will also damage the wood. Pressure washing will also damage the caulk, seal, or weather stripping of your windows, no matter if they are wood windows or not.

Similarly, your garden’s water sprinklers might be aiming directly at your wood window, resulting in moisture. Moisture is something that can damage any type of window. Moisture increases mold and mildew growth in window frames, which is harmful to your health.

  1. Insulate Your Windows In Winter:

Winter season can be significantly harsh on the exterior of the windows. The cold temperature dries and cracks the weather-stripping and seals. That is why consider adding an extra layer of insulation to your windows in the winter. You can line your windows with actual insulation, or you can invest in thermal window treatments. In winter, you need to keep your house warmer, but faulty windows can make you lose the heat and increase your heating bill. Insulation will help you with this problem. Not only will it protect the window shield, but it also significantly reduces heat loss.

Just like that, depending on the weather conditions where you live, opt for window solutions. For example, if you live in a stormy area, you should invest in storm windows. By installing them externally, you can protect your current windows from a dangerous storm.


If you don’t properly maintain your windows, their performance will deteriorate. Your house won’t be as beautiful with damaged windows. The heating and cooling systems won’t be very efficient with broken or old windows, thus increasing heating and cooling costs. Old windows also pose safety hazards and security concerns. Well-maintained, updated, secure, and beautiful windows are also crucial for increasing your curb appeal.