9 Things Worth Spending Money On

It’s often hard to determine where to invest your hard-earned money. While some opportunities are just economic blackholes that keep sucking all your money without giving anything of substance in return, other monetary pursuits enrich our lives, foster personal growth, and contribute to our overall well-being. If there is anything worth spending your money on, it’s a meaningful experience, personal development, and stuff that brings lasting joy.

If you live in an affordable city like Tucson, for instance, where the cost of living is just 4% higher than the national average, this blog can help you discover some ideas to spend your money on.

  1. Your well-being

Let’s start with something basic, i.e., your health, safety, and well-being. The pandemic has made many people extra conscious about their wellness and health. So, it makes sense to join a gym, buy exercise equipment to work out in domestic bliss, and even hire a personal trainer who can look after your well-being professionally. If you live in Tucson, where people earn an average salary of $65,000, investing in your health should be easily achievable.

  1. A new shower

Surviving Arizona’s extremely hot summers can be difficult, especially considering the looming threat of climate change. Experts predict that Tucson will feel like 105F or even higher by 2050 if stakeholders don’t take proper measures to stop the onslaught of global warming. However, you can do something about it, i.e., refurbish your bathroom and make it more comfortable for showering.

Consider searching for Tucson shower replacement experts near me online to contact an experienced bathroom remodeling agency. Expert contractors can install replacement showers in less than 24 hours, giving you a durable, mold-resistant, customized bathroom experience. You can even transform your bathtub into a shower to bathe easily and escape the heat.

  1. A different mattress

When was the last time you bought a new mattress? Data shows that two-thirds of US citizens haven’t changed their mattresses for the past three years. A low-quality or worn-out mattress can prevent you from getting a well-deserved good night’s rest. Without resting properly, you’ll wake up tired and spend the rest of the day dealing with insomnia or exhaustion.

Hence, spending your money on a new mattress is worth it, no matter how costly it is. You should never compromise on your nightly slumber and do everything it takes to sleep peacefully.

  1. Ergonomic furniture

What kind of furniture do you have at home? Statistics indicate that 1 in 4 Americans spend more than eight hours sitting every day. No wonder 65 million of them suffer from chronic back pain and different other health issues. It means you should now consider spending your cash on ergonomic furniture.

Ergonomic furniture has become mainstream in workplaces, but it can help you improve your posture, reduce lower back pain, and become less exhausted at home as well. It also decreases the risk of MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders).

  1. Self-care items

Self-care goes beyond spending a day in the parlor or visiting the nearest spa with your gals. Getting a massage or pedicure can improve your well-being and help you overcome the stress or exhaustion of a long, hard day at work. However, you should also purchase proper self-items items to improve your wellness. Similarly, consider booking an appointment with a local Tucson therapist.

Go for healthcare screenings at least once a year to ensure you’re not suffering from a difficult-to-treat disease. Numerous diseases are easily curable if identified in their early stages.

  1. Improving your eyes

If you are willing to maintain healthy vision and prevent potential eye-related issues, spend some of your cash on eye care. First of all, stop using blue-light-emitting devices excessively. It’s something you can do to protect your eyes without spending anything. If you want to spend your money on eye care, get quality eyewear. Buy sunglasses with UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful sun rays. Consider investing in lenses that filter blue light to minimize eye strain.

  1. Nutritious meals

If there’s one thing absolutely NOT worth spending your money on, that’s fast food. Americans eat it 1 to 3 times a week, a habit that can seriously harm the well-being of even the healthiest people.

That’s why you should instead spend your cash on purchasing healthy meals. Buy more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and other nutritious food items. Healthy meals will improve your immune system, boost energy levels, and help you maintain a healthy weight.

  1. Good clothes

Americans like their clothes a little too much, surveys have shown. A study indicates that Americans purchase 68 new garments annually, indicating how a shopping spree has probably become a bigger addiction than previously imagined. However, new clothes are worth spending your money on as, in the words of Mark Twain, “Clothes maketh man.” Naked people have little or no influence on society, the quote continues. So, there’s harm in buying new clothes if you can afford them. Just make sure you buy from sustainable companies that don’t harm the environment.

  1. Better education

Wanna improve your education to get a promotion at your job? As the business industry grows more advanced with time, employers also want workers to keep up. Many employed professionals are undergoing reskilling and upskilling by pursuing online courses. Many youngsters are pursuing online education to teach themselves new skills and become eligible for jobs in tech.

Moreover, you may consider bolstering your education to become financially literate. As 1 in 3 people in America are deemed financially illiterate, improving your financial know-how can make you a more responsible adult. That’s why better education is definitely worth spending your money on today.


This article helps you discover things worth spending your true-gotten gains on and make your life a more fulfilling earthly experience. If there’s anything worth spending your cash on, it’s your health, comfort, and personal development. Invest in self-care, buy good clothes, purchase nutrition-rich foods, pursue online courses, and refurbish your Tuscon bathroom by installing a remodeled replacement shower. These well-deserved investment strategies lead to a more meaningful and satisfying life.