9 Tips For Hiring A Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

Many home renovation projects offer homeowners a high ROI and can significantly enhance their properties’ curb appeal. Bathroom remodeling projects are known for their great return on investment, particularly if you’re living in high-value areas such as Barrington – an upscale area in Illinois. Barrington homes are priced today at $550,000, down 11.4% from the last year, and spend almost a month on the market before getting sold. However, bathroom remodeling accelerates the buying process by boosting the house’s overall value.

All you have to do is find the right bathroom remodeling contractor in Barrington, Illinois, to work on your innovative ideas for expanding and renovating the bathroom. You should navigate the selection procedure wisely to ensure you hire a qualified professional who can bring your vision to life. This means you must do the following:

  • Determine your bathroom remodeling objectives

Determine your bathroom remodeling objectives and understand exactly how you plan to redesign. You must have definite ideas about the size, layout, and adjustments to be made to the bathroom. Define your project in your mind (or write it down somewhere) before you reach out to potential bathroom remodeling contractors in your neighborhood. Doing so will help you communicate your expectations clearly to potential contractors.

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  • Look for bathroom remodeling contractors online

Bathroom renovations can take anywhere between $6,000 and $16,000 based on factors like locality and the extent of refurbishing you have planned. In affluent suburbs such as Barrington, bathroom remodeling may cost more than it does in nearby Chicago. It’s estimated that the residents of Barrington, on average, pay $12,000 to remodel their bathrooms. However, these expenses be much lower if you search for different contractors online and compare their prices.

Search online for credible bathroom remodeling in Barrington. Your focus should be to shortlist highly-rated, experienced, and BBB-accredited companies that offer customized renovation services. Gather the names of different Barrington-based remodeling contractors and start narrowing down the list.

  • Look for recommendations from family and friends

Ask people you trust for recommendations. Also ask your neighbors. Ask if they had any positive experiences with local bathroom remodeling companies. Their recommendations will bear more weight than anything you read online on websites or social media platforms. Use these word-of-mouth recommendations to narrow down your list of contractors.

  • Interview contractors and ask relevant questions

After you’ve shortlisted a few names, conduct phone interviews by calling these contractors and compare their quotes. Give them a brief overview of the project – a summary of your bathroom remodeling objectives – and see how they respond. Remember that you’re contacting these contractors to evaluate their professionalism. You can even ask them to come over for a site visit to understand their services. Here are some important questions to ask:

  • Have you successfully finished a similar project recently?
  • Do you have skilled workers, or will you hire subcontractors?
  • How long have you been remodeling bathrooms?
  • What is your contractor license number and certificate of insurance?
  • What sort of training, certification, and experience do your workers have?
  • Narrow down your list and vet these contractors

For starters, verify their contractor license number by contacting relevant authorities. Ensure their insurance and license are up-to-date so you can confirm these contractors are reliable people to work with.

You should also ask if the contractor is willing to share contact details so you can talk to previous customers. Ask if they were satisfied with the work done by the bathroom remodeling contractors you’re considering. Did the project go over the budget? Were the workers responsible? Was there any damage to their property? These questions will help you confirm a contractor’s credibility.

  • Verify their licenses, credentials, and experience

Only work with licensed and registered bathroom remodeling contractors in the state of Illinois. Also, verify that they are bonded, insured, and experienced enough to tackle major and complex renovation processes. They must have the necessary permits and certifications required by your local authorities.

  • Get their estimates in writing for more insurance

How much money can you afford to invest in bathroom remodeling? As mentioned above, Barrington homeowners spend $12,000 on average to renovate their bathrooms as home reno experts estimate it can fetch up to 70% of their initial investment when reselling the house. But you should still ensure the contractor gives you a detailed breakdown of where they’ll be spending your money.

Requires detailed estimates from the contractor. The estimate includes the costs for materials, labor, permits, and any additional expenses. Watch for any hidden costs lurking in the fine print.

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  • Pin down the schedule and the estimated budget

Ensure the bathroom remodeling contractor gives you a timeline for the project’s completion. Have clarity on when the project will begin and when it’s supposed to finish so you can restructure your schedule around this timeline. You wouldn’t like the project to go over the budget, so don’t proceed with the contract without specifying exactly how many days the remodeling procedure will take.

  • Check that the contractor carries liability insurance

Don’t forget about checking for insurance against any damage to your property caused by contractors. Inspect your bathroom and look for already-existing damage. Take photographs of the damaged areas for insurance. If bathroom remodeling contractors cause any further damage to your house, you can leverage these pictures to prove that these damages didn’t already exist before they started work.

Moreover, your contractor must carry liability insurance to protect against property damage or injuries that may occur during the project. This insurance keeps you safe from potential liabilities in the future.


This blog guides you through essential considerations and expert advice so you may hire the most suitable bathroom remodeling contractor in town. Find different contractors online, interview them separately, get quotes from the chosen ones, and ensure they give you written estimates. All these tips will help you find the best bathroom remodeling company to complete the job immediately.