A Tourist’s Guide to Milano Centrale

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Italy, if not the world. It is rich with Italian history and teeming with Renaissance beauty. Milan is known for its visually-appealing aesthetic in another sense as well: fashion and the arts. Everywhere you go in Milan, you’ll see not only buildings with stunning architecture but also people wearing the most fashionable outfits. Milan is truly a sight for sore eyes, which is why it’s one of those places you must visit at some point in your life. If it’s not already on your travel bucket list, stop what you’re doing, and add it right now. 

The Milano Centrale is the main railway station in this Italian metropolis, so if you’re coming from out of town, you’re likely to find yourself in the Milano Centrale at some point or another. When you step out of the Milano Centrale and into the city of Milan for the first time, it’ll be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, as you admire the Renaissance-era architecture and beauty all around you. You’re not going to want to carry your luggage around with you as you tour Milan, so make sure you find luggage storage Milano Centrale before you arrive in the city. Dropping off your bags before starting your journey through Milan will make your time that much more enjoyable. 

Today, we’re here to give you a brief tourist’s guide to the Milano Centrale train station. We’re also gonna give you some helpful tips for affordable and secure luggage storage Milano Centrale. To start your preparations for your visit to Italy, keep on reading.

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Milano Centrale Railway Station Overview

Let’s start with an overview of the railway station itself. Milano Centrale houses a total of 24 platforms, and trains arrive at the station in one of three main trainsheds, which are shaped as large arch-shaped buildings. The main hall, which is one level above street level, is on the same floor as all the platforms. In the main hall, you can find many places to sit down and eat or drink. When going from the main hall to the platforms, you have to go through a ticket check, so make sure to always have your train tickets on hand. 

Navigating Milano Centrale is a simple task. There are 24 separate platforms numbered 1 through 24 as you look from left to right facing the trains. It’s easy to walk from one platform to any other in less than five minutes, so no need to worry if you’re on the opposite side of the station and need to catch a train. Platforms 4 through 21 are the primary platforms in Milano Centrale, and platforms 1 through 3 and 22 through 24 are set back a little. The layout of the train station is quite simple, and any tourist should be able to navigate it just fine. 

Things to Do in Milano Centrale Railway Station

If you find yourself with a few extra minutes to spare in Milan Centrale between trains, there are lots of things to do and see within the station, so you won’t be bored at all. There is a supermarket in the railway station called Sapori & Dintorni if you need to stock up on snacks before your trip. Another food place you could explore is the Bistro Milan Centrale, which is a food court that sells local produce. The Bistro Milan Centrale has a very Italian aesthetic, so it’s a great place for tourists to walk through while waiting for their train. 

Outside of platform 21, there is a famous mural that is well worth a look. The mural, which has been defaced, depicts Mussolini greeting the King of Italy. Mussolini’s eyes were removed from the mural after the war, but it is still a stunning mural to look at that offers genuine insight into the rich history of Italy. 

Luggage Storage Milano Centrale 

As mentioned earlier, it’s important to have a place where you can safely store your luggage while you roam around the city. Thankfully, the Bounce app is here to make your life that much easier. Bounce has many options for luggage storage Milano Centrale, so as soon as you step out of the station, you can immediately drop off your bags and start experiencing the city of Milan. The Bounce app is free to download on the app store, and they offer luggage storage options at a wide variety of places for an extremely low price. It costs just €5 per day to store your bags using Bounce. In addition, the €5 price also includes $10,000 worth of insurance as well as free cancellations, so you can take full advantage of luggage storage Milano Centrale without worrying about the safety of your bags. 


We hope this article was helpful in giving you an understanding of how to navigate the famous Milano Centrale railway station. Don’t forget to download the Bounce app to store your bags near Milano Centrale safely, securely, and affordably.  

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