What Is A Midrange Speaker?

Do you know what is a midrange speaker if not then this is the right place to find it out. Today I will share with you what a midrange speaker means, what are its uses, and many more. You will come to know about the frequency of a midrange speaker and what is the purpose of using a midrange speaker. So without wasting any single minute let us move further where I will explain all the important points related to what is a midrange speaker in this topic to you.

What Is A Midrange Speaker?

A midrange speaker is the type of sound loudspeaker used to produce mid-range frequency sounds. Different mid-range sound drivers help to create and improve the sound quality of voices and speeches. The quality of the sound configured with the mid-range speakers is very good than the other types of frequency loudspeakers. However, the mid-range speaker needs additional music speakers to beautify the sound. The sound produced by the mid-range speaker can be heard more properly than by other low-range and high-range speakers.

Mid-Range Speaker Uses

Let us see the uses of the mid-range speakers in the following.

  • Songs with different voice pitches
  • TV Shows
  • Movies with different sound modulation
  • Music with various musical notes

Frequency Of Mid-Range Speaker

The mid-range speaker frequency is around 250 to 5000 of what is the Hz of a midrange speaker in the units depending upon the shape and sizes of the speakers. The special feature of the 3.5” midrange speaker is to deliver the sound wave frequencies directly in the middle of the spectrum making a good audible sound. This is because of the shape and structure of the mid-range speakers. It is very important to choose between mid rangespeakers vs full range speakers when it comes to music. So let us see more about the mid-range speaker structure now.

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Sound Drivers In Mid Ranger Speakers

The sound driver in the midrange speaker is the most important part which produces mid-frequency sound. All the sounds generated in it are from the mid-range spectrum and are loud. The mid-range speaker has a multi drivers sound system. The driver in mid-range sounds has a radiating diaphragm. It is a trimmed cone and has a voice coil placed. It is on the neck of the speaker unit with the support of the spider portion of the speaker suspension. The complete unit of the midrange speaker is surrounded properly at the wide point of its cone.

Types Of Midrange Speaker Drivers

There are different types of sound drivers present on the mid rangespeakers vs coaxial such as follows.

  • Cone Shaped Driver
  • Dome Type Driver
  • Compression Horn Driver
  • Ribbon Drivers
  • Electrostatic Drivers
  • Planar magnetic Drivers

Parts Of Midrange Speaker

Here I have described the parts inside the best mid range speakers.

  1. Magnet
  2. Suspension
  3. Cooler
  4. Cone
  5. Coating
  6. Radiating Surface
  7. Drivers

Construction Of Mid Ranger Speakers

Below you will come to know about the midrange speaker construction of the.

  1. Magnet

A midrange speaker magnet is of a good quality magnet and it produces low distorted sounds.

  1. Suspension

To suppress the sounds properly and to improve the best size speaker for mid range quality to advanced level the suspension plays a great role. Big vibrations can be easily absorbed due to the suspension part in a mid-range speaker.

  1. Cooler

Cooler in the speaker gives a better sound experience from what is the midrange for a speaker unit. The temperature and heating do not affect the sound quality with the help of a cooler.

  1. Cone

For duplicating the sound produced by a mid woofer vs midrange woofers the cone in the midrange is used. This is made of paper and treated with materials to dampen the vibrations.

  1. Coating

The cone paper has a coating of resins or polymers that helps to do midrange speakers have bass sounds perfectly by damping the vibrational movements. Materials like plastics, carbon fibers, light metal alloys, etc are found commonly in mid-range speakers.

  1. Radiating Surface

A middle area of the speaker with the round sphere for what is a good size speaker for pro audio midrange is the radiating surface. This is supported by the suspensions. On the same surface, a voice coil is attached to the external edge of the midrange speaker system.

  1. Drivers

The drivers are connected to the speaker mid-range by which the transmission of sounds of the human voice, mid-frequency sounds, etc can be generated.

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What Is A Midrange Speaker Used For?

Mid-range speakers are targeted to handle the ‘middle’ range of the spectrum, coming in between 500 Hz-4 kHz. This is probably the most important range of frequencies due to most audible sounds, such as musical instruments and the human voice, being produced here.

What Size Speaker Is Best For Mid Range?

6 inch and 6.5 inch (6 1/2″) speakers
6.5 inch speakers are some of the most popular and are one of the largest sizes available prior to 6×9″ or similar models. 6 & 6.5 inch speakers are pretty good for midrange, midbass, and even some decent lower-end bass depending on the installation and car audio system.

Do Midrange Speakers Sound Better In A Box?

When you have a speaker in a box, you will not lose the midrange. You will just gain more bass, and therefore it may drown out some midrange, but it is stll there none-the-less. A speaker will generally sound better in a box than in free air or an infinite baffle.

What Is The Difference Between Coaxial And Midrange Speakers?

The most important thing to remember is coaxials are designed to play the full range of frequencies while midranges will need to be paired with other components to avoid damage to the speaker.

Mid-range speakers are targeted to handle the ‘middle’ range of the spectrum, coming in between 500 Hz-4 kHz. This is probably the most important range of frequencies due to most audible sounds, such as musical instruments and the human voice, being produced here

Does Midrange Affect Bass?

That being said, in general, mids can have an impact on bass frequencies, so if you are looking for a fuller, richer sound, you may want to consider adding a mid-range speaker to your setup. When the midbass is clean, you can hear a more open midrange and a clearer sound at extremely low frequencies.


You read about what is a midrange speaker in general. I explained to you briefly the meaning of a mid-range speaker and its frequency. You understood the parts located inside of the good midrange speakers. I shared with you the construction of the midrange speaker system. You now know the choice of why are mid-range sounds necessary. Now you do not have any doubts about what is a midrange speaker and its use.

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What does a midrange speaker do

What is a mid-range speaker?