Affordable LA Movers

Affordable LA Movers

If you are looking for affordable LA movers to help you get started on your next adventure in life, we can help. Here are a few tips to make sure you get the best bang for your buck when hiring a mover in LA.

Check For Hidden Fees

When you find an affordable mover, make sure you check to make sure they don’t charge extra fees. A lot of movers will charge additional fees for things like assembly, disassembly, stairs, narrow hallways, and long walking distances. So, their affordable price might end up breaking your bank once the move is actually completed.

Even if a mover charges fees though, they still might be more affordable than other options due to your unique situation. To guarantee that their fees won’t be too much, have them come to look at the move site and evaluate before the move how much the fees will be. This way they can’t change their price because of “unforeseen” circumstances.

Make Sure They Are Licensed And Insured

A moving company may be super affordable in comparison to other companies because it is not fully licensed and insured. If this is the case, they will not be legally bound to protect your property. So, if anything gets lost, stolen, or damaged, they don’t have to legally replace it or compensate you. That is not a risk you should take.

Make Sure They Are Legit

Some people will claim to be a moving company and then show up in a rented van or truck and it is just them. If they don’t have their own moving equipment and a team of people to help them, then chances are they are not a legit moving company.

A legit moving company will have its own moving equipment (trucks, dollies, etc.) and will have a physical location for you to visit. It will also have reviews on trusted platforms like Yelp from people who used them in the past.

If a moving company cannot cite any past jobs or references, try to find someone else.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality For Affordability

When it comes to grinding an affordable mover, make sure you never sacrifice the safety of your belongings for a cheap mover.

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