An Insider’s Guide to Alaska

Some dream of visiting glitzy cities like Las Vegas, and some prefer the sunny shores of Florida and California.

But then there are those whose hearts ache for true wilderness rich in vast open spaces, rugged landscapes, extensive woodlands, and pristine lakes and rivers.

If you’re looking for that truly remote experience, Alaska should be on top of your list. You may have thought about it and wondered how to prepare for a trip to The Last Frontier.

In this guide, you’ll find what you need to make that journey a reality.

Trip Planning Tips

When planning your trip to Alaska, there are things you need to keep in mind because you’re visiting a state larger than California, Texas, and Montana combined. 

Things to consider when planning your visit include the following:

The Seasons

Seasons in Alaska can be pretty extreme. You should know the best times to visit to ensure you make the most of your trip. Winter days are short, and the cold conditions can be pretty harsh.

The best times to visit Alaska are the summer months when the weather conditions are good, with longer daylight hours. You may want to consider April through August and take advantage of nearly 24 hours of daylight courtesy of the Midnight Sun phenomenon.


As we mentioned, Alaska is huge and covered in the wilderness. Many stunning places are remote, which begs the question of getting around.

Transportation in the state also depends on where you’re visiting. Water transport is the best way to get around in the coastal regions and visit many attractions. Cruises, ferries and boats would be ideal.

If you’re going further inland, you may have to fly around with small aircraft, ride a train or drive. It could take you hours to get from one place to another. Also, bear in mind that some areas are only accessible via the air or water.

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Where to Stay

Accommodations in Alaska are plenty, and where you stay depends on where you’re visiting. Costs can vary depending on the type of accommodation you want and the season (peak season can be expensive).

It’s important to factor in the type of accommodation you prefer around the places you visit. Options include hotels, lodges, RV parks, and cabins.

Packing for Alaska

When packing for Alaska, consider the weather. Summer temperatures are good in the interior. The south can get pretty wet, with cool summers. It’s cold in the north with brief summers. 

Winters are another story in Alaska, as temperatures can easily drop below −60 °F.

Outside the cities, the population is sparse, with vast empty spaces. If you’re driving around, bring a medical kit. It’s best to pack medications as well, as you may experience difficulties accessing healthcare facilities. If you’re on medical cannabis, remember it’s illegal to transport it across state lines.

Also, remember that you can’t use the medical marijuana card issued in your home state. You’ll have to get approved under Alaska’s medical marijuana program.

Unique Places to Visit in Alaska

  • Seward 

Seward is a must-visit port city surrounded by snowy peaks. The city sits on an inlet with a beautiful harbor adorned with boats and cruises. You’ll love the small seaside community and the mountainous backdrop.

  • Valdez 

Like Seward, Valdez is a small seaside town with a stunning mountainous backdrop. It sits on the eastern coast of Prince William Sound. You’ll love the scenic Port Valdez, the town, and the vistas in the Chugach Mountains.

  • Haines

Hanes is a remote mountainous community you shouldn’t miss. The quaint settlement is popular with tourists for its mountain trails, wildlife excursions, and rafting activities in the Chilkat River, where you can spot hundreds of bald eagles.

  • Denali National Park

Denali National Park in the Alaska Range is home to the highest peak in North America. The park offers an authentic wilderness experience, spanning over 9,000 square miles in the Alaskan interior. Popular activities in the park include flying to explore the mountain and guided tours to watch wildlife.

  • Kodiak Island

Kodiak is a large island in southern Alaska. It’s where you go for scenic views of the mountains, forests, bays, and Kodiak Bears.


Getting to experience The Last Frontier can be a lifetime opportunity. For such a journey, you want to come prepared and leave knowing you experienced the best of what Alaska has to offer.