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Yugioh is one of the most popular manga series in Japan and is loved by countless children around the world. And until now, this game has always been loved and bought. Please follow the article below of Janbox to get more useful information about Yugioh and know where to buy Japanese magic cards from Japan.

What is Yugioh?

Yugioh (King of Games) is a manga series created by Japanese author Kazuki Takahashi from 1996 to March 8, 2004. The manga is set in modern times, revolving around quite thrilling games. breathing, and is staged under 3D simulation technology, so it is extremely realistic.

The main character of the story is Yugi Mouto, a domino school student who is quite shy but extremely intelligent. Thanks to the guidance of his grandfather Solomon Mouto, a monster about the game, Yugi successfully assembled the thousand-year game after many years of hard work, but since then another spirit, Yumi Yugi, appeared inside him. With her cool head and wisdom, Yumi Yugi and other friends are always there to help Yugi Mouto overcome all other opponents.

Based on this series, the Konami company invented the game Yugioh, commonly known as magic cards. As of August 2009, 22 billion cards have been sold making it the highest-selling card game in the world. Yugioh consists of Monster cards, spells, and traps, 2 players will fight each other to lower their opponent’s life points, and at the end of the match whoever has more points will win.

Types of Yugioh Magic Cards and how to read Yugioh Cards

Besides the decks, when playing the Yugioh card game, the most important thing is that you have to learn about the types of cards in this card game. In addition, you must know how to read the parameters on the cards during play. Because this game is a simulation card game with many different characters and effects on the cards.

Monѕter Cardѕ

The Monster Card is the type of card that has a picture of the Monsters in the deck. The Monster Cards are divided into two main types: Normal Monster and Effect Monster.

Normal Monsters usually only have Defense (DEF) and Strength (AFK) but no special effects. However, the DEF and AFK scores of this card type are usually higher than those of Effect Monitor.

Effect Monsters are Monster cards with special effects. Not only does it have the same Defense and Strength stats as regular Monsters, but it also has special effects. These cards include 5 different types. In addition to the two types of Monster cards above, there are also Special Monster cards that are Sanchro, Ritual, and Fusion. These are cards that when you summon need to deal with some other monster cards. In return, they have great power.

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Spell Cardѕ

Along with the Monster card, in the magic card game Yugioh there are also Magic cards. These are cards that are used to enhance your attack when you attack your opponent. Magic cards can be used together during the same turn. A Magic card usually consists of key components such as the Card Name, Effect Description, Card Type, and Effect Symbol.

Trap Cardѕ

The Trap cards are quite similar to the Magic cards, but the function and usage of these cards in the game Yugioh King of Card Games are different. These are the cards used to destroy your opponent’s attacks on you.

Along with that, the Trap cards must be placed on the playing table to be allowed to be used. In addition, unlike Magic cards, Trap Cards can only use a single card, not at the same time in a turn.

Where to buy genuine Yugioh?

  • At specialized stores and genuine distributors: here you will find specialized products from the US, and Japan. However, you should also be aware of the reputation and safety of the store to avoid buying fake products of poor quality or unknown origin, especially stores that post signs as hand-carried goods.
  • On domestic online shopping sites: Nowadays, there are many strong and reputable online shopping sites in the country, so you can choose for yourself the most secure online shopping site. Above are genuine products of Japan and America are present in full. You also need to pay attention to the information about the seller, and the reviews from the buyer to choose for yourself the most reliable product.
  • On international e-commerce sites: If there are products that are not available on the domestic market, buyers can buy them on international e-commerce sites such as Amazon, and eBay. Because these can be considered the largest warehouses in the world with high-quality goods and good customer service quality. Besides that, you can refer to the cheapest Japan proxy service to be received the most assurance and credibility in buying international goods safely.

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The intense and fascinating battles with magic cards have become the passion of many people. To learn more about Yugioh and how to buy Japanese magic cards from Japan, you can read more articles about the Yugioh most expensive cards. Hope you get your desired card soon.