College Graduation Invitations: Best Designs, Wording Ideas, and More 

Graduation is a time for celebration. It may be the end of time, but also the beginning of something even bigger as your grade continues to do great things. Celebrate this great achievement with a graduation party filled with friends and family. To help you plan a great celebration, we have put together everything you need to create the perfect invitation to graduate from college – with lots of words and design inspiration. 

College Graduation Announcements

We love good parties, but sometimes you just have to share the good news. To keep things simple and to let friends and family know about your grade, check out our fun college graduation announcements. These digital greeting cards are a great way to stay in touch with loved ones without having to party. 

So, if you are in the party planning process, there is no shortage of options for the first ceremony. For such an event, you will need to send an invitation to graduate from college. While you can go the old-school way of inviting papers, save yourself money and time. Digital senior invitations cards fix, and you can then add gift registries and easily track RSVPs without waiting for the mail to arrive. 

Time to Submit Your Invitation to Finish Graduation

Like most events, you will want to give your guests full notice so they can have a free entry day. Chances are theyll know that graduation time is coming, so the announcement of a grade and an invitation to bash-filled fun doesnt come as a surprise. 

Send your invitation or graduation cards about two to three weeks before your event date. This gives your visitors more time to look at their calendars and RSVPs. It also means they can enjoy getting the perfect gift or arrange their outfit without running. You know your guests well, so if they come from afar or have a busy schedule, you might want to let them know right away. 

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Invitation Party

Graduation is a wonderful time to celebrate, so you will not have to struggle to build a list of guests. Start with close family and friends, and then expand your profile to include other relatives and people with special relationships with a respected guest. Dont forget to include college friends and even high school friends if it makes sense 

To Include At Your College Graduation Completion Party Invitation

Birthday parties take place every year, so there is something special about throwing a graduation party. If you are not sure what to include in your invitation, here is a simple guide on what your guests will want to know – and some tips to make their experience easier. 

Graduation Information

Friends and family want to celebrate a special student event, so make sure to provide all the information. Provide grad full name, school, degree, and year of graduation. If they receive any special honors or special rewards, go ahead and include them. It is a time to be proud and celebrate how they grew up.

If you have a place, adding information about their out-of-school experience can be a good idea. Knowing that this grade was part of a fundraising project or captain of a sports club gives your guests another reason to congratulate them. 

Party Day, Time, and Place

It may not be a party invitation without showing an important event such as the date, time, and place. Most graduation thank you notes and parties last a few hours and usually take place in the afternoon or evening. 

If you are happy to let the celebrations continue anytime soon, let people know they are welcome to be late. Dont be afraid to break the trend, though – if your college needs a celebratory brunch instead, go ahead and make it happen. 

Even if you welcome home and most of your guests know where you live, include your full address and your invitation to keep any guess. 

If you have invited loved ones from afar, include information that makes their trip easier. Greenvelope invitation on the air allows you to add navigation information and provide Google Map integration to make navigation live.

Dress Code

There is a party theme that suits every grad. Some ceremonies will be formal, and glamorous, while others are setting-back and simple. Give your guests a helping hand when it comes to choosing their clothes and stating the dress code. Even something as simple as saying that it is legal or common can help.

Gift Registry or Cause Support

Graduation is one of the times when people enjoy accepting gifts or donations. Make it easy for visitors by linking registration information or a link to service providers supported by your gateway. It can be a great way to help your grad raise the cost of the cause or increase the amount of effort they care about.

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