How much time is required for Demat account activation

Demat account is the key to stock market access. If you want to start investing in the stock market, first, it is important to have a Demat account. The time to open a free Demat account  online may vary depending on the trader you have chosen and your method.

Let’s discuss in detail the timing of Demat account activation.

Demat account activation time can vary depending on several things;

  1. The stockbroker you choose.
  2. Is the account opened online or offline.
  3. Technical issues if the Demat account is opened online
  4. Confirmation of documents.

A Demat account can be opened online or offline. Let’s see how long it takes to be activated on both instances:

Demat Account Online Activation Time

In a world where everything is digital, you can easily open a Demat account online. Creating a Demat account online requires submitting the required documents and completing KYC.

It usually takes an hour to 48 hours for the Demat account to be activated using the online method. Once you have successfully downloaded the documents and confirmed them, your account will be opened. In addition, if you follow the correct steps during the online opening, the support team will contact you and assist you with the opening.

If you open a Demat account online with certain brokers, your documents are verified, and the e-Sign is complete, your Demat account can be opened within one hour, 4 hours, 24 hours, or 48 hours. Then, you will receive a welcome email from your registered email and phone number.

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Offline Demat Account Activation Time

Many people still question the validity of the methods of opening a Demat account online. As a result, account activation is also available offline to make this feature accessible to them. The opening of the account, in this case, will also take place after successful verification of the documents.

The offline process takes a lot of time. Therefore, if you open your account offline, you will have to wait for a while. If you have registered to open an offline account and submitted all the required forms and documentation, it usually takes 24 hours – 10 days for your account to be set up based on the stockbroker of your choice. Any inconsistencies in the documents submitted may delay the account opening process.

Here are the main documents to set up a Demat account online:

  • Proof of Address (Aadhar Card, etc.)
  • Proof of Identity (Aadhar Card, PAN Card, ID, etc.)
  • Financial Proof (Bank statement, Salary slip, ITR slip)
  • Pictures
  • Sign
  • Bank details

How to open a Demat account online:

  • Open the brokerage site of your choice and click to open a Demat account.
  • Enter your personal identification information, such as name and city.
  • After that, enter the details of your date of birth and PAN card.
  • Enter your phone number and email ID. You will then receive OTPs on both.
  • Upload important forms.
  • Confirm and review your information. You will then be redirected to the 

NSDL website to post e-signs. Ensure your ID is connected to your mobile phone number for easy verification.

It usually takes 24 hours or less for the account to open after it’s all over. In this case, your registration forms must be filled in on time; documents must be sent in the correct order. After this stage, the account opener will check all the documents that have been sent, create records and send you a Unique Customer Code (UCC), also known as a Customer ID.

Always make sure that the account opening process is followed correctly without interruption so that you do not delay the activation time. In the event of an error, the opening attendant will contact you for assistance.


Demat account activation time may vary depending on a variety of factors. You can choose the Demat account online activation if you want faster results. But you can go offline if you have trouble with online Demat account activation. However, it may take longer to open your account.

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