Excerpt: Enterprises and companies depend on CyberArk to address their cybersecurity issues. CyberArk is a new program in the tech world, changing how we approach Cybersecurity in organizations. It does not need any external infrastructure resources and administration. 

Table of contents:

  • Why is CyberArk Becoming Essential For Cybersecurity?
  • What Is CyberArk Tool?
  • CyberArk’s History
  • Industries That Use CyberArk For Cybersecurity
  • Reasons On Why CyberArk Program Is Changing People’s views On Cybersecurity
  • Effective Architecture Of CyberArk
  • Components Of CyberArk That Helps In Better Cybersecurity
  • Conclusion

We have discussed important topics related to CyberArk to understand how it can change our perspective toward Cybersecurity. 

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Why is CyberArk Becoming Essential for Cybersecurity?

Organizations and businesses are prone to cyber threats, which can cause huge losses. It would help if you had Cybersecurity to save yourself from these cyber frauds and crimes. Cybersecurity is the need of the hour because we cannot be secure from cyber threats without having solid cyber security like CyberArk. 

When it comes to privileged accounts, you must have Cybersecurity for them. It must have Cybersecurity because most of the latest and advanced cyber-attacks focus on privileged accounts. Most of the time, these cyber-attacks successfully create havoc as the limited infrastructure and unskilled staff cannot protect these privileged accounts. Many enterprises still need to have a cyber-security readiness plan to protect their secrets, credentials, privileged accounts, etc. 

CyberArk is developed in a way it can solve almost every cybersecurity trouble of organizations. It is a security tool with a strong capability to meet several companies’ different kinds of needs. CyberArk does not require any additional infrastructure resources and services. It enables companies or businesses to secure their credentials and privileged accounts efficiently. 

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What Is CyberArk Tool?

CyberArk is a security tool that is used for securing privileged accounts and credentials of organizations through password management. CyberArk ensures strong security to the privileged accounts of companies by maintaining their passwords automatically. It also helps you store and handle data by rotating the credentials of significant accounts to prevent malware and hacking threats seamlessly. CyberArk is highly in demand in healthcare, energy, financial services, retail, and many more industries. It is becoming popularly accepted across different industries worldwide as it provides advanced Cybersecurity. Half of the Fortune 500 companies worldwide use CyberArk as their highly protective tool. 

Privileged Account 

A privileged account has permission to access data like social security numbers, PHI information, credit card numbers, and many more. The type of data accessed by privileged accounts depends on the data already present in the organizations. Many privileged accounts also have data such as domain admin accounts, service accounts, emergency accounts, application accounts, and so on. 

CyberArk’s History

CyberArk was developed by an Israeli company located in Petah. Udi Mokady founded it in 1999. Since the company’s start, it has focused on providing security tools to organizations to protect them from cyber-attacks. CyberArk tool has emerged as a reputed cybersecurity company in the tech industry. Initially, it was a startup but gradually became a public limited company and listed itself on the NASDAQ stock market. 

It has risen to significant success in the last few years and even expanded by buying companies like Conjur Inc, Viewfinity, and Vaultive. Among these acquired companies, Conjur Inc and Viewfinity are concerned with cloud services and privilege management and application control software, respectively. In 2018, it recorded a whopping $343 million as its total revenue.

Industries That Use CyberArk for Cybersecurity

CyberArk is a valuable security tool for many industries in the world. The computer software industry uses CyberArk the most, and the human resource industry uses the least.

The following list mentions the name of industries that mainly uses CyberArk as their cybersecurity tool:

  • Information Technology and Services
  • Computer Software
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Health Care and Hospital
  • Utilities
  • Retail
  • Computer Hardware
  • Human Resources

Other than these industries, many enterprises of different domains are considering CyberArk for securing their essential data from hackers or cyber-attacks. 

Reasons On Why CyberArk Program Is Changing People’s views On Cybersecurity

As a leader in cybersecurity solutions, CyberArk provides many reasons why it’s bringing change in how we look at Cybersecurity. Some of the important reasons are discussed in detail:

  •   Easy Tracking of Credentials 

CyberArk’s Privileged Account Security Solution keeps track of your passwords automatically, and you do not have to record the passwords manually. You will only need to track CyberArk credentials, and that little tracking works well enough. The remaining work is done by CyberArk only. It reduces the companies’ team tasks.

  •   Saves Time

With the help of CyberArk’s automated password management features, it takes less time and ultimately saves your time.   

  •   Reduces Redundancies while Updating Policies

CyberArk generally does not have any redundancy while updating policies because it enables admins to handle and update user privilege policies uniformly and centrally.  

  •   Propagation Of Password 

CyberArk centrally manages the passwords of databases and makes sure that the propagation of password changes on every dependent application and service. It prevents the risk of broken processes in the applications. It also eliminates the risk of revenue or income loss through every password change. 

  •  Management Of Privileged Accounts

CyberArk improves the security of privileged accounts. It also does better management and protection of these accounts, making them highly effective and secure. 

  •  Controlling Access

CyberArk restricts essential data from being accessed by an external entity. Its controlling capabilities increase the security of the applications and make them less prone to hackers or cyber-attacks. 

  •  Checking Privileged Sessions

CyberArk can initiate and monitor privileged sessions. Its monitoring feature helps prevent the leak of essential credentials to hackers. 

  •  Handling Credentials

CyberArk is a security program that enables efficient management of applications and service credentials. Its automated password capability and high-security features ensure better handling of the databases’ information. 

  •  Seamless Integration 

CyberArk manages data of the databases centrally and integrates the information with enterprise systems. It can also seamlessly store, manage, and monitor the applications’ data. 

Effective Architecture of CyberArk

CyberArk’s architecture has multiple layers that provide advanced security solutions for sharing and storing passwords in enterprises. These layers are contained in CyberArk Privileged Access Security. These layers consist of VPN, Firewall, Authentication, Encryption, Access control, and many more. 

The main elements of the architecture of CyberArk:

  •  Storage Engine 

The storage engine is known as a server or vault. It stores the data or information of the applications. It also protects the data and controls and authenticates access. 

  •  Interface

The interface communicates with the storage engine and makes the data accessible to applications and users. The help of a secured protocol of CyberArk, known as the vault protocol, enables communication between the interface and the storage engine.  

Components Of CyberArk That Helps in Better Cybersecurity

1. Digital Vault 

is a firmly secured place in the network, and you can easily store your highly confidential data. It is widely used in many industries as it is very secure. 

2. Password Vault Web Access 

Password Vault Web Access enables the management of privileged passwords. It is a web interface that can create new privileged passwords. It also has a dashboard to track the activity in the security solution. This web interface shows the managed passwords in a graphical form. 

3. Central Policy Manager 

Central Policy Manager can automatically change the existing passwords and replace them with new ones. It also allows you to verify and reconcile passwords on remote machines. 

4. Privileged Session Manager 

This component gives access to privileged accounts from a centralized place. It also helps the control points to start privileged sessions. 

5. Privileged Threat Analytics 

This component continuously checks and monitors how privileged accounts are used in the CyberArk Privileged Access Security platform. It also tracks the accounts not handled by CyberArk and checks the possibility of cyber-attacks.

6. Password Upload Utility

This component uploads multiple passwords to the CyberArk Privileged Access Security solution to automate the vault implementation process. 

7. SDK Interfaces 

The SDK interfaces enable the applications to store data centrally and eliminate the necessity of storing passwords in the applications. 

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CyberArk is an advanced security tool used by different industries and companies to protect themselves from cyber-attacks. It has the Privileged Access Manager that solves all your cybersecurity problems, like the management of privileged accounts and credentials. It helps various organizations provision, secure, manages, control, and track all activities related to privileged identities. 

Hence, it is changing people’s perspectives toward Cybersecurity. With the help of its highly secured features, it has gained popularity for defending companies against hundreds of daily hacks and cyber-attacks. It handles and secures your privileges and applications. It can increase your productivity and prevent your company from intentional or accidental insider threats.