Deep Learning for Beginners

Deep learning is a new hot buzz recently and it has firmly put down its roots in a wide multitude of industries like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, and Analytics. Deep learning is a part of machine learning research, it is clubbed together with machine learning. But it is advanced research for AI enthusiasts to understand and keep up to move Machine Learning closer to one of its original goals, Artificial Intelligence. So let’s see what Deep learning and courses are. 

Even if you are not from a data science background, you heard the words Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning words as it is gaining popularity widely these days. All these terms and subjects are inter-connectable, yet they have their distinct meaning. They are even used interchangeably. 

There are various universities and online platforms offering courses and different programs in deep learning, machine learning, and data science. One can choose to go to college or can sit at your place and learn through the internet. Now you can earn degrees, Pg certificates, or Master certificates from the world’s top universities from your place. For deep learning for beginners, there are various online programs available in UpGrad, Coursera, Udemy, Simplilearn, edX, etc. One can find various types of courses and certification programs on the internet like various postgraduate programs, post-graduation diploma courses, and certification courses available. 

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Here we are listing down some of the top online platforms which are offering Deep Learning programs

  • Coursera
  • Simplilearn
  • edX
  • UpGrad
  • Udacity
  • DataCamp

Top certification programs for beginners

  • Deep Learning Specialisation – Coursera
  • Professional Certificate in Deep Learning by IBM -edX
  • Advanced Certificate Programme in Deep Learning – Simplilearn

Deep learning is a part of machine learning and this is a series of overlapping concentric circles with AI occupying the largest, followed by machine learning, so deep learning. In simple words, when machine learning algorithms require a human correction, deep learning algorithms will improve their outcomes through repetition without human intervention. Deep learning algorithms require big data sets which include diversified and unstructured data. It is also called an artificial neural network and it is inspired by the structure of the human brain. Data passes through this web of interconnected algorithms in a non-linear fashion, just like our human brains process information. 

Deep learning requires technical skills and concepts which involve machine learning concepts. At the early stage of deep learning, it will be challenging. Once you break down using the learning pathways outlined above, commit to learning a little bit every day. It is easy to learn and it will be an exciting subject to learn. Deep learning and machine learning are service-based platforms, wherein you might need to build models, train, deploy and manage programs without having codes. Having a piece of good knowledge of coding will certainly help you to build basic proficiency in python. For the beginner stage, you don’t need to be a master at deep learning, you can be strong enough in the basics of deep learning to begin your professional life and start your work in the real world.

Understanding how deep learning works will help you to work on real-time projects. At the lowest level, the network fixates on the pattern of local contrast as important. Have you wondered how Facebook automatically labels or tags all the people present in an image uploaded by you? Well, Facebook similarly uses Deep Learning. Now you can realize the capability of Deep learning and how it can outperform Machine Learning. 

Deep learning – market growth 

Deep learning is the future of Artificial Intelligence, it is a envision of a future in which deep learning models can learn without human help and interaction. With the growth of Artificial Intelligence, the Deep learning market will accelerate as organizations progress. It is estimated to grow with a revenue of 62.5 billion and an increase of 23% from the previous year. Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence becomes necessary for every software industry, So Deep Learning is gaining more popularity with its supremacy in terms of accuracy with a huge amount of data. 

Deep learning – career growth

When you think of career growth, Deep learning never disappoints you. The deep learning field is facing a shortage of skilled professionals. The demand for these professionals is in huge demand as the companies are looking forward to working on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the help of Deep learning. Hiring professionals with the skill set of deep learning is a benefit for companies and organizations as they can do wonders at their job. These trained professionals are expected to become a part of a company or organization. In the coming years as deep learning systems and tools improve and expand into all industries, the deep learning professionals’ career growth will accelerate to new heights.

Various top companies like Amazon, Netflix, Google, IBM, and many more companies hire these engineers with a skill set of deep learning. Top job opportunities for Deep learning engineers

  • Research Analyst.
  • Neuroinformatics.
  • Bioinformatician.
  • Image Recognition.
  • Deep learning software Engineer.
  • Applied Scientist.
  • Full Stack Web Developer for Deep Learning.
  • Lead Manager – Deep Learning.
  • Natural Language Process Engineer.

Careers in Deep learning are used as a part of numerous territories. Deep learning is becoming essential for software development. For those who are interested in computer scientists or advanced level programmers, Deep learning will help them to establish their careers. They will be taking care of complex explanatory issues and drive quick developments in counterfeit consciousness. This model is approximately identified with data preparing and correspondence designs in organic sensory systems. These professionals are generally hired for big projects with high-paying salaries. The average salary for a deep learning engineer in India is Rs. 7 – 12 LPA. Wherein the senior level of professionals(with the experience of 8-12 years) will be taking salaries ranging between Rs. 25 – 48 LPA and more. 

When you choose Deep learning, their career is sought after and competitors with the correct blend of abilities will be remunerated with a future-sealed and lucrative vocation.

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