Here’s What You Can Expect From Junkyard Joe 6 From Image Comics

Junkyard Joe is the latest comic series by legends Gary Frank and Geoff Johns. If you’re a DC fan, then you’re familiar with the work of Johns and Frank. These two have collaborated on comics like Superman: Doomsday Clock, Secret Origin, Batman: Earth One, and The Curse of Shazam. Although they have played huge roles at DC Comics, they ventured out and created the Geiger Series, which gave birth to Junkyard Joe, a robot character fans have come to love.

What to Expect From Junkyard Joe 6

In the sixth issue, Geoff Johns explains the backstory of Joe and where he is from. The issue also discusses the custodian and his crew and how they are determined to claim Joe’s technology. What’s interesting about this book is that it’s not just the words that tell the story. The art and the images also give the reader more insight into the characters and the plot.

What Is the Plot of Junkyard Joe?

This comic series is set around 1972 during the Vietnam War. With the front lines packed with action, Junkyard Joe, a mechanical soldier, is placed to fight with men. The soldiers soon realize that Joe is a machine, and many questions come up about him being on the front lines. As expected with any machine, his character is cold and detached to depict his less-than-human nature. But as the story progresses and he interacts with people, he becomes less detached.

During the conflict, men are forced to adapt to their situation and work hard to stay alive and defeat the enemy. The writers have managed to describe the brutal nature of this war. If you love history and are a comic fan, this is a great way to understand how challenging this war was.

A Recap of Junkyard Joe 5

In the fifth book, Emily and her siblings run into the group hunting Joe. When Joe finds Emily and her company are being held at gunpoint, he doesn’t think twice but tries to save them. This buys them time to escape. Emily and Joe manage to run to the woods. The book ends with the revelation that Joe was created through a government project called Project Beta. The project was shut down after Joe killed most people he interacted with.

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Is the Comic Series Worth a Read?

Geoff Johns has always had a way of weaving a story that’s a page-turner. He combines elements of fantasy and reality to create a gripping and remarkable tale. That’s what Junkyard Joe is about. You get immersed in a world of danger at almost every corner. The suspense will have you reading the book in one sitting.

Partially Based on Real Events

Another reason this comic series is compelling is that it’s partially based on real-life events. Many veterans who were deployed to Vietnam almost faced the same events. You get a deeper understanding of the challenges veterans face and why it’s hard for them to adjust to normal life. The writers do a great job of capturing how tense and scary the atmosphere is at the front lines.

Incredible Artwork

Of course, one cannot talk about comics without mentioning the artwork or images. It’s a huge part of the comic’s appeal. Even in this sector, the creators have used amazing images to enhance the reader’s experience. The images are detailed, just like in a real war, complementing everything about this book.

Generally, Junkyard Joe is a great comic for a fan looking for something different besides the typical comic hero. Grab yourself a copy and enjoy this amazing book.