How Can One Prepare Notes for Social Studies Subjects?


For school times, a student needs to know the skill of note-making because this skill will help them further in their higher studies where the content or resources will be vast and impossible at a time. Therefore, one can prepare notes to extract the highlights or the actual summary of the context.

Moreover, the student can make notes during online or offline lectures. A student can effectively note down crucial information which their educators provide you with. These are the essential details you need to cover while reviewing a chapter or so.

Note making is purely an art that describes a student’s analytical and critical thinking skills. Here in this article, we will provide our reader with some direct instruction on how to prepare notes for a subject like Social studies.

Separate Note Copy

Note-making of any subject needs to have one copy for each subject. For simple reasons, when you sum up all your notes into one copy, it becomes difficult for you to open your copy for revision. Therefore, for Social studies, we would like to suggest you keep a separate notebook. You can further divide the exact copy into 3 or 5 halves or have different copies for different sub-divisional subjects like History, Civics, Geography, Disaster Management, and Economics, which comes under social sciences till class 10th.

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Start Fresh

For every new topic, start it with a brand new page; this will motivate you to start preparing practical notes from the topic. Do not give much attention to if a chapter is completed halfway through the page. Always use this while note-making – “One topic, fresh page.”

Another important thing that a student can do is give a title to the topic they will be writing in their notes. One can use highlighters and pencils to mark or underline the static information provided in the notes you prepared separately.

This marking or underlining of the static portion will help you with an exam in MCQ format.

Always remember not to leave the back of the paper, if not for saving trees then for saving your own money only.

Stick to Your Note-Making Method 

The next step you should be looking for in choosing a method suitable for note-making in the subject of Social Studies. Cornell outlines various inputs or procedures, such as the “T” method, SQ3R method, and mind-mapping.

Focus on Lecture

Use the method of SQ3R when you have to extract out information from a lecture that educators have shared through best app to teach online. SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, read, recite and review. However, in the beginning, this method was prepared for college students but later can be used for practical elementary school studies.

The Timeline Should be There

There should be an adequately devised timeline or planning by which you can do or participate in a list of events according to chronological order.

Use Abbreviations and Symbols

Use abbreviations and symbols to simplify or concise your notes and help them be more strict and precise with their content according to the topic.


Other methods can help you prepare your notes for social studies in an effective way. These days, students are getting more comfortable with best software for online teaching and learning mode. Note-making itself will be transformed and done online. There are various education apps or classroom apps where teachers have already summarized the chapter and had prepared the notes for it and shared them with all. One can take immediate help for them in case of revision.

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