How to Upgrade Your Wardrobe This Year

Consider a wardrobe upgrade if you want to become more stylish in 2023. While your clothes in 2022 were pretty trendy, investing in new looks can up your confidence and help you feel your best this year. Here are a few tips to help you determine the best way to upgrade your closet: 

Check out your shoes

Have you been wearing the same shoes for years? It could be time to update your closet, especially because shoes get worn quickly. From the best Mary Janes to booties, shop for new shoes that suit the outfits you’ll be wearing in 2023. 

Shoes can make a big difference in outfits, so don’t forget your shoes when upgrading your wardrobe. While you may want to wear them into the ground, the truth is that unless they’re Converse, newer-looking shoes help your outfits look more put together. 

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Try out new styles

You may be the kind of person who has worn the same types of outfits for years. You stay in your comfort zone, wearing the types of clothes that you have worn for a long time because you know how to shop for them. 

However, if you took a chance with your style, you could discover that you’ve been missing out on looks that make you feel like you have never felt before. Do you want to start wearing high-waisted pants simply because you never have? Do it, queen! Are you looking for a new haircut but afraid to try something edgy? Try it anyway! 

Ask a personal stylist for advice

If you’re feeling clueless about updating your wardrobe best, a professional clothier could be the key to your success as a fashionista. A personal stylist can help you discover the looks that look the best on your body type and that work with your preferences. 

After all, you will show up more confidently when wearing what makes you feel beautiful. Sometimes it’s a little hard to know what that is if you’re still discovering the looks you like the best. 

Invest in basics

If you don’t have basics in your closet, you may be unable to put together those fantastic looks that are simple yet eye-catching looks. From great T-shirts that are easy to pair with any outfit to great sneakers that have you looking good for casual affairs, basic items should be in everyone’s closet. 

They simplify looking good when you aren’t worried about dressing up. However, just because they’re simple items doesn’t mean you don’t want to invest in quality. Quality basics will make you look sharp, even when dressing down. 

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Don’t forget to donate

If you’re thinking about getting a new wardrobe, consider donating your clothes to charity to do your part sustainably and help others. If you need extra cash for your new wardrobe, you could also consider selling your used items on sites like Vestiaire Collective or Plato’s Closet so that you’re not just throwing clothes away and making some money. 

You could also give used items you never wear that still look good to a friend or two who you know would appreciate your stylish clothing. It may no longer work for you, but these looks could work for them. 

In Conclusion 

As you consider upgrading your wardrobe this year, consider these different recommendations to get you on the right track to wearing great looks and fits you love. From basics that make it easy for you to always look good to new shoes that help you look the part for any occasion, your new wardrobe should have you feeling your best!