Effective communication is a skill that is incredibly challenging to master. However, getting the hang of it is one of the most valuable skills in an individual’s personal and professional life. 

Today, communication is a fast-growing field with a lot of career opportunities. Therefore, the value of a communication degree for a professional today is immense. Many organizations today, when hiring candidates in any department, meticulously assess their ability to express themselves and handle difficult situations in a professional setting. With a communication degree, you can find a significant role in any organization based on your specific interest and skill set. 

Organizations need communication specialists who handle people, manage disputes, and grow the business. Today, there are entire job roles centered entirely around communication skills. 

With a degree in communication, you can learn much about working with people and handling and managing the inner ecosystem of an organization. With skills such as advocacy, critical thinking, emotion management, active listening, and others, you can attract customers, resolve internal issues, motivate employees, and develop effective strategies for organizational growth. 

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Let’s explore some of the career options you can consider after completing your communication degree: 

If you hold a master’s degree in communication, you can consider working as an advertising manager. Ad managers are primarily responsible for creating and managing marketing strategies and campaigns for clients while working for advertising agencies, media companies, or in-house advertising departments of different organizations. They team up with other departments, such as sales, finance teams, and creative departments, to create budgets and promotional materials. Therefore, as an ad manager, you must have strong communication skills, marketing knowledge, and leadership qualities. If you also wish to pursue this role, you may enroll for an online masters in communications and take the next step in your career. 

  • Social Media 

The advent of digital media has altered communication and information consumption. A career in this field involves working on online news sites, many social networks, and other digital tools to broadcast a company’s or client’s message.

With a communication degree, you can pursue your career as a social media manager or digital media planner. The primary responsibilities of this role include:

  • Managing a company’s social media accounts
  • Formulating a digital content strategy
  • Utilizing visuals to narrate brand narratives
  • Engaging with the public online
  • Designing and monitoring the effectiveness of digital campaigns
  • Organizational Development

A branch of the human resources function, a career in organization development, is a great option for those with a communication degree. As the name suggests, organizational development pertains to managing, developing, and monitoring a company’s culture and internal performance. If you’ve ever attended a corporate training session at the office or been on a work picnic, chances are your company’s organizational development department planned it. 

You can find a role in any company’s organizational development department with a communication degree. The day-to-day work requires interaction with employees and developing and delivering training and workshops. All these are tasks that your communications degree will equip you for. 

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  • Public Relations 

The main goal of the public relations department is to promote and protect the organization’s public image. Public relation is essential for every organization, especially in today’s social and digital media age. Public relation is critical to every company, whether you look at a public-listed financial institution or a non-profit trust. 

Public relations specialists are required to study and analyze the public perception and develop strategies and programs which paint the organization in a positive picture to the people. With a communications degree, you can understand third-party viewpoints and work around changing that. Therefore, a career in public relations is one of the most challenging and rewarding paths you can choose as a communication graduate. 

  • Event Management

Event management is one of the most fun fields, and with a communication degree, you can pursue the role of an event manager. However, the role of an event manager is challenging, making it as grueling as any other role. Event managers are required to plan and manage events from start to end, that includes vendor liaison, guest management, arranging entertainment, venue preparation, décor, catering, and many other tasks, all the while abiding by a strict budget. Naturally, based on the job nature, an event manager has to be a people person who can build strong connections and work with multiple stakeholders smoothly. 

In a communication major, you are taught multi-tasking, conflict management, and emotionally compelling communication tricks. All these are essential skills for an event manager, where chaos is always one wrong turn away. However, despite the demanding nature of the role, event management can be delightful for those who like to be out there. After all, every day is a party! 

  • Marketing

Another field that requires fantastic communication skills is marketing. As a public-facing function, marketing is concerned with building the company’s brand and image to grow the business and developing strategies aligned with the company’s agenda. If you see yourself as someone who can work in marketing, your communications degree can help you land a significant role in a marketing or media agency. 

With communication as your forte, you can build a strong network and sell yourself and your services to potential clients if you plan to work independently. Further, your insight with a communication degree will also be an edge for market research. 

  • Sales 

Sales professionals have to ‘talk the talk’ to lock clients; this makes sales an excellent career choice for those with a communication degree. Knowing what to say and when exactly to say is the mark of a successful salesperson. That is why many businesses today hire sales professionals only based on personality assessment and whether the individual seems to be an effective communicator and relationship manager.

With a communications degree, you can find a position in any sales-based organization, such as insurance, automotive, etc. Further, since sales roles are primarily compensated on commission, the better your communication skills and ability to sell yourself, the more you can earn as a sales professional. 

Final Words

Communication is one of the essential skills for professionals today. With effective communication skills, you can not only find employment in a variety of roles but also find great success. Indeed, there is no field where a communication degree won’t help you. A successful career awaits you right next to your cap and gown.