The role of cybersecurity – Why we need it today more than ever

Increasing reliance and presence on digital platforms have increased avenues for manipulation. Thus cybercrime attacks spare no one, including business organizations, government officials, security agencies, or individuals. 

It is strange that even computer geeks and information technology experts also cannot prevent falling prey to cyber security attacks altogether. It is also a leading cause of psychological turmoil when hackers know everything about you and use your personal information to harass and threaten you. 

Even more concerning is that many such incidents go unattended due to poor safeguarding infrastructure. Since the cybercrime domain has matured, a strong cybersecurity infrastructure is the only way to minimize and prevent multifaceted loss. Thus the future holds extensive development in the cyber world.  

The following sections explore the gravity of cyber-attacks and the importance of cybersecurity.

It is inevitable to bypass connecting with the extensive digital world in today’s times. Digital devices, the internet, and the cyber world is part of one’s life via employment opportunities, business chores, education, shopping, food delivery, social connections, and healthcare services. And sharing of some personal information is a prerequisite to benefit from these services. 

Given such extensive reliance, the chances of exploitation of private and sensitive information also multiply. E-mail phishing, malware attacks, cyberbullying, unsafe internet surfing, or account hacking can help hackers get their hands on one’s sensitive data. 

Hackers may have many avenues to blackmail people, but cyber security measures can help prevent falling prey to their vicious plans. Just increase your awareness of the common threats. Identify loopholes to your data security, and then enhance the security of your online accounts, devices, and digital connections. 

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  • Contain cyber attacks

Cyber-attacks are becoming an uncontainable threat for individuals, corporations, governments, and security agencies. Malware and hacking attacks are more lethal and devastating than conventional confrontations and weapons. 

A piece of code can cause the loss of millions of dollars in minutes. Giant multinational organizations lose credible data and become bankrupt in seconds with hacking attacks. 

Identifying theft exposes individuals to the hostile cyber world and causes unprecedented emotional, psychological, social, and economic loss. 

But the grave concern is the frequency, scale, and magnitude of these activities with more sophistication and advancement. Even at present, studies estimate a hacking attack every thirty-nine seconds, with technology, government, and retail industries as the top targets for hackers. 

The coming days will unravel more worrisome consequences until individuals, corporations, governments, and security experts collaborate for result-oriented actions and strategies to contain these activities.

  • Safe sailing in the digital world

Digitalization is an unceasing phenomenon that involves everyone, from corporations to citizens. It has already shadowed almost every aspect of the physical world, but it will see further reliance, maturity, and sophistication in the coming days. 

Businesses cannot help but give in to digital transformation for better efficiency, employee morale, productivity, customer satisfaction, communication, decision-making, and competitive advantage with record reductions in operational costs. 

Currently, only 53% of the world’s population has internet connectivity. Imagine when the remaining 47% of the world’s population embarks into the cyber world and endeavors to utilize its potential. Individuals have more avenues and opportunities to use and polish their potential. 

Studies estimate that digitalization will yield an estimated 70% of new value creation in the economy with better business models in the coming days. But sailing in this world is full of unprecedented surprises if you embark unguarded and unprepared. 

Thus a strong cybersecurity infrastructure allows people and organizations to take advantage of digitalization without worrying about dire consequences. 

  • Prevent economic loss and secure transactions

Economic loss is a grave concern for experts as almost every cybercrime activity leads to financial loss in one or the other way. It is so severe that a single data breach attack causes a loss of 3.2 percent in annual sales growth and more than one percent reductions in the market value of the targeted company. 

Direct economic loss is one aspect. Settlement lawsuits further taint their reputation and leave long-term side effects on their businesses and credibility. Though mega enterprises can overcome the consequences, small firms can hardly stand back and resume their operations successfully. 

Thus investment in strengthening counteractive measures is the only hope to prevent spiraling side effects. Organizations and individuals must take preemptive measures to identify loopholes for information breaches before hackers can land their hands and harass them. 

End-to-end security of transaction networks and implementing fraud and data breach detection systems, data backup, recovery mechanisms, and encryption techniques are some preliminary steps to brace up against cybercrimes.

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  • Prevent interference in business dealings

Since the business world is navigating both the physical and virtual worlds, more connectivity and integration are inevitable. 

The more connected you are, the higher the chances for breach and cyber manipulation. Cyber security attacks disturb trading deals, meetings, contracts, and transactions, steal money, exploit confidential information, and hamper business activities. 

Tainted reputation and loss of sales, customer trust, and eventual loss of profits are beyond compensation for most enterprises. How can small firms deal with the aftermath? 

It is hard to imagine how commercial firms will sail in a multidimensional world and achieve their targets if they do not work on cybersecurity defense infrastructure. 

Thus business firms must consider cyber security threats as obstacles to their growth and reserve sufficient funds to contain and battle such challenges.

  • Ensure human security

Threats to human security are an emerging paradigm for manipulators in the cyber world. The virtual world offers a safe abode and passage to violators because of vague and inadequate laws and the lack of implementation. 

As a result, individuals with criminal mindsets can connect, communicate, and make plans without anyone noticing. Such plans hardly leave traces for investigation, let alone try illegal activities or criminals. 

But countless lives suffer from the consequences. Their actions and plans further challenge existing issues and obstacles to prosperity, peace, equality, well-being, employment, education, food, and other aspects of people’s welfare and security. 

Thus ensuring human security in all its aspects is one of the significant areas of research and development for cyber security experts, security agencies, and governments. 



The online world is an untapped potential for everyone, including criminals, security organizations, and companies. The outcomes depend on who can utilize its potential and set the course in a specific direction. Changing dynamics and dimensions require changes in strategies and actions. 

We hope you learned something from this article. If we missed anything, please tell us in the comments below.