What Is the Difference Between a Baggy T-shirt and an Oversized T-shirt?

Oversized and baggy designs are a trend of the ’90s. Back then, the fashion world mantra was “The bigger it is the better”. In recent years, fashion trends show that baggy and oversized T-shirts are back and with a bang. Today, fashion is all about being comfortable in your skin, and oversized clothing lets you do that. You can see them everywhere from fashion magazines to the streets of New York City. Even big celebrities and fashion influencers are seen opting for oversized and baggy clothing over everything else. In all of this, you must be wondering what exactly is the difference between an oversized and a baggy T-shirt. So, let’s read on to find out!

While oversized T-shirts for women and men refer to bigger-sized T-shirts that fit the body with a perfectly oversized fit, baggy T-shirts for men and women refer to T-shirts that tend to have a baggy look and fit on the body. To make it clearer, if one wears a T-shirt that is bigger than usual, they will be wearing a baggy T-shirt. Though baggy T-shirts look cool, the T-shirt might not be a comfortable fit and slide off time and again. On the other hand, oversized T-shirts have a loose fit, which falls perfectly on the body. 

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Urban Monkey has a vast collection of the right kind of oversized T-shirts. In fact, if you want to go for a baggy look with your oversized T-shirt for men and women, you can select an oversized T-shirt and select a bigger size than your usual. To browse through the Urban Monkey collection of oversized hip hop T-shirts for men and women, visit the online store now!

Some of the best choices for oversized T-shirts for men and women from the Urban Monkey collection are, Daily Reminder, Skrr Skrr, Um Vision, Grow As you Go and Skate Away. All of these are oversized T-shirts and are just as cool as they sound. You can pair these T-shirts with a pair of regular denim pants or shorts and create the perfect street-style look. 

All Urban Monkey oversized T-shirts are made of 100% cotton and have a very soft and breathable feel to the clothing. The T-shirts have an oversized fit, that is, although they are oversized, they fall perfectly on the body and do not slide on from the shoulders. You will find a lot of unique colour and print options to select from, as with Urban Monkey, all ideas are out of the box to create the perfect designs for oversized T-shirts for men and women. The best part of Urban Monkey’s oversized T-shirts is that they are unisex. The T-shirts are genderless, much like the rest of Urban Monkey’s products. 

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Ultimately, try to asses your style statement before you select an Urban Monkey overshirt T-shirt for men and women. If you are looking for just an oversized tee, you can simply select your size after consulting the size chart. But if you are looking for something baggier, you can go one or two sizes up, and create a sassy look!