What Is Tipping Pitches?

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Tipping pitches in baseball refers to unintentional cues or signals inadvertently given by a pitcher, revealing the type of pitch about to be thrown. This comprehensive guide aims to delve into what tipping pitches entails, its significance in MLB, examples, legality, and its comparison to sign-stealing practices in sports.

What Is Tipping Pitches?

Tipping pitches involves unintentional body movements, gestures, or patterns exhibited by a pitcher that provide visual or auditory clues to opposing players, coaches, or scouts about the type of pitch that will be thrown.

Understanding The Meaning Of Tipping Pitches:

In baseball terminology, tipping pitches refers to the inadvertent actions or behaviors exhibited by a pitcher that telegraph the type of pitch (e.g., fastball, curveball, changeup) they are about to throw.

Tipping Pitches In MLB:

Tipping pitches is a critical concern in Major League Baseball (MLB) as it allows skilled opponents to anticipate and prepare for incoming pitches, potentially giving them an advantage during at-bats.

Tipping Pitches Examples:

Examples of tipping pitches can include subtle changes in a pitcher’s grip, body positioning, glove placement, or timing before delivering a pitch. Observant opponents may pick up on these cues, giving them an edge in anticipating the pitch type.

Is Tipping Pitches Considered Cheating?

While tipping pitches is not intentional or deliberate, it can still be detrimental to a team’s performance. However, it is generally not considered cheating, as it often results from a lack of awareness rather than an intentional effort to deceive.

Exploring Tipping Pitches Podcast:

Tipping Pitches, a podcast focusing on baseball culture and analysis, may cover topics related to the nuances of pitching, including discussions on how pitchers unintentionally give away their pitches and its impact on the game.

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Legality Of Tipping Pitches In Baseball:

Tipping pitches is not explicitly illegal in baseball. However, teams and pitchers strive to prevent it by refining their techniques and minimizing any unintentional cues that could tip off opposing players.

Comparison To Sign-Stealing In Sports:

While tipping pitches involves unintentional cues, sign-stealing, seen in various sports including football, refers to deliberately decoding or intercepting signals used by opponents to gain an advantage, which is considered unethical and can lead to penalties.

Why Is Sign-Stealing Illegal?

Sign-stealing is deemed illegal as it involves intentionally gaining access to the opponent’s strategic communications or signs, providing an unfair advantage and compromising the integrity of the game.


In summary, tipping pitches in baseball occurs when pitchers unintentionally reveal the type of pitch they’re about to throw, potentially impacting the game’s outcome. While not considered cheating, minimizing these cues remains crucial in maintaining a competitive edge.


Is Tipping Pitches Illegal In Baseball?

ARE SIGN STEALING AND PITCH TIPPING ILLEGAL? The short answer is no. At least so long as teams aren’t using illicit technology during the game — like when the ’17 Astros were found to have used a live feed from a center field camera to spy on opposing catchers.

What Are Catchers Using To Call Pitches?

Invented by John Hankins and Craig Filcetti, PitchCom is an electronic device that transmits pitch signals from the catcher to the pitcher.

What Is Stealing Pitching Signs?

Throughout baseball’s history, teams have been accused of or outed publicly for various schemes to “steal” signs, often involving people with binoculars or telescopes in centerfield relaying upcoming pitches through a buzzer system or a scoreboard operator.

What Are Illegal Pitches In Baseball?

Definition. It is illegal for the pitcher to deceive, rush, or surprise the batter by imitating a pitch while not in contact with the rubber. It is also illegal for a pitcher to “quick pitch” the batter by quickly stepping on the rubber and pitching without taking a sign.

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