5 Tips For Coming Up With Unique Content Ideas For Your Blog.

Coming up with unique content ideas for your blog, consistently, week in week out is not easy. Once you’ve written so many, the ideas dry up and you can feel lost and uninspired.

If this is the case for you and you’re feeling a little dry on the ideas front, then give this article a quick read.

Here are 5 tips for coming up with unique content ideas for your blog.

1. Use AI for some inspiration

As a writer I’d be saying I wasn’t a little reluctant to say nice things about the rise of AI. However, despite the fact that I don’t use it myself, I cannot deny the benefits of asking AI for some help in the content generation ideas department.

If you are consistently struggling to find inspiration, many marketers are reporting good things from the likes of ChatGPT in terms of topic generation.

2. Pinch ideas from elsewhere (and make it better)

It might feel a little naughty, but if you are really struggling then head over to the biggest and most successful blogs in your industry and do a little bit of digging around.

You should have no trouble coming up with some ideas for your own blog but just make sure you aren’t regurgitating what you read.

You’ve got to put your own unique spin on the content otherwise it defeats the purpose.

Make it unique and more importantly, make it better.

3. Ask your audience

This is a great opportunity to engage with your audience on social media and see if there are any subjects they are specifically interested in.

  • “What frustrates you the most about XYZ?”
  • “Is there a specific question you’d like to ask an SEO specialist in Brisbane?”

Engage your audience and see what they come back with. Not only will your audience oblige you with some ideas, but if you then go ahead and deliver high-value content in response, it will strengthen your relationship.

4. Check out Google Alerts and Google Trends

Google Alerts can help you stay up to day with what is currently trending on the internet. If you’ve been having difficulty coming up with new content ideas, you can utilise these tools to strike while the proverbial iron is hot and start writing about up-and-coming trends before your competitors get a chance to do so!

5. Hire the professionals

And of course if you are at your wit’s end with coming up with blog ideas then you can always outsource your requirements to the professionals.

Why stress about constantly coming up with new ideas when you can make it someone else’s problem?

Find a reputable SEO agency with experience in SEM and social media marketing and a well-established reputation for delivering superior results. That way you can enjoy an active and engaging blog without ever having to lift a finger. Not bad eh?


It is hard to constantly remain on the ball with exciting and unique subject matter for your blog but there are ways to keep things fresh. Try the above on for size and see how you get on! 

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