Decorating Your Space: Essentials for Personalizing Your Dorm Room

If you’re a student headed to college who will be living in a dorm room, you may feel like you’re losing a small piece of yourself living in a space that isn’t really yours. Whether you’re sharing a room with others or in one on your own, there are a few things that you can do to make it feel more like your space. It will be a while to come. Check out these ideas:

Set up your downtime space

Decorating your space may look like creating a space for you to do anything that you’d like to do at home. This may look like creating a reading corner or it could be a gaming desk with your favorite gaming laptop and flight simulator controls. Whatever you enjoy doing, let go and relax. If you have enough space in your dorm, create a mini version of that space in your new room. You’ll need time to forget the stress of studies, so consider what this down-time space could look like for your time at college.

Use bedding from home

If you want to remember home while far from home, bring special bedding from home. Whether that’s a quilt that your mother made you when you were young or your favorite plush pillows or bamboo sheets, bringing your favorite items that help you to sleep can make a difference in making your dorm room feel like home. Or you could always invest in new bedding that feels like home in your new city.

Set up your favorite art

If you have some wall space, invest in pieces of art that you appreciate. This could be a photograph or two of your family and friends back home. It could be a dream destination that you hope to live in one day or paintings by your favorite artist. Creating a room that feels like your must-have items that mean something to you.

Avoid buying your mainstream pictures from department stores. Make your wall feel as personal as possible if that’s the only space that you have to decorate. If there’s talent in your circle or family, commission a piece so you can have a small piece of home with you while away at college.

Join forces with your roommate

If you do have a roommate, while you could each take your separate sides and make them as unique as your personalities, approach the topic of decorating your space together. If you have similar tastes, this could actually save you both money and help to create a uniform space with aesthetics that make both of you happy.

While this may not be a possibility for everyone who has a dorm roommate, it’s worth asking if you want to have a beautiful living space while you’re studying at college. Most college students will be happy to save money on décor.

Add lamps and plants

Most college dorms don’t look all that inviting when you first get there. You may find that they do nothing but make you feel relaxed. If you want to create a space that feels welcoming and allows you to calm down at the end of a long day, consider incorporating plants and lamps around the room for a calming effect.

Don’t underestimate how much greenery can make a difference in the overall vibe of a dorm room. If you need a little help, look for an affordable interior designer to help you set up your dorm room at your college. There’s no harm in making your space feel more like home, if possible.

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In Conclusion

There is something to be said about making a dorm room a comfortable place for you to live. While you may be stuck in a smaller room than what you’re used to for a bit, making it feel more like home can help you to feel more relaxed, which is what you’ll need during your time at college.