How to Make Moving with Pets Easier

During the chaos and upheaval of moving, forgetting about one’s pets is easy. The process of moving and the uncertainty it brings about is equally as stress-inducing for animals as it is for humans. Around 62.7% of Washington’s residents own a pet, and this percentage is ever-growing. Therefore, residents of the Evergreen state must prioritize the care and well-being of their furry friends when shifting to a new home or state. Though your pet friends can’t communicate their needs to you directly, here are a few tips that shall make the moving process easier for them:

Choose A Pet-Friendly HomeW

When you’re choosing your new home, keep your pet in mind. Taking a thorough survey of the properties you are interested in and the neighborhood surrounding them is a great way to know whether you and your pets can adjust accordingly. Each pet’s needs vary based on their species and nature. Cats may need lots of roaming space and high elevation in the house to climb kitty blocks and scratching posts, while dogs need constant outdoor access. It is imperative that you understand your pet’s needs and choose a residence that best fits them.

Pet-Proof The House Before Moving Your Pet

Once you arrive at your new residence, among the top concerns should be pet-proofing. Making the house safe for your furry friends can be best done when it’s empty. Instead of getting your furniture shipped directly to your house, instruct the movers to place it in storage Olympia WA, facilities that are readily available and secure. Now use this time to scan every inch and corner of the house, listing all fixes and hazards that must be mitigated. Common hazards for pets include insecure gates, doors, staircases and windows, uncovered vents, broken fences, balconies without heightened railings, and pest control chemicals and toxins that may be ingested or inhaled. Get rid of all such hazards, then welcome your pet to their new abode.

Pack Their Essentials For Moving Day

When moving day arrives, having a bag of your pet’s essentials packed and prepared can help you curb emergencies and assist your pet with their frequent needs. Keeping your pet friend’s favorite toys for a quick playtime, blankets for warm naps, treats to nibble on, and a litterbox to answer nature’s calling on deck shall come in handy throughout the moving day. Also, keep paper towels, wipes, and disposable plastic bags in the pet travel bag for the mess your pet may make. In this way, you’re prepared for moving day, as is your furry friend.

Assign A Secluded Space To Your Pet

To make your pet feel at home as quickly and easily as possible, start by introducing them to one corner of the house. Place their cage, bed, litterbox, and food tray in said corner, which will help them get used to it. For the first few days, keep them confined to the room until they familiarize themselves with its ins and outs. It is advisable that the room should have a door to prevent your pet friend from escaping and causing a stir throughout the house while you’re busy unpacking. Slowly begin introducing them to more rooms and corners. By exploring the house slowly and steadily, the chances of your pet becoming overwhelmed are significantly decreased.

Avoid Changing Their Routine

Pets are creatures of habits who place great importance on their daily routines. Moving is already a disrupting process, and a schedule change can seriously disturb your furry or feathery friends. To prevent unnecessary stress and turmoil in your pet’s life, stick to the same routine you set for them before moving. While it may be difficult to keep their eating, sleeping, and playing times the same as before in light of all the moving mayhem, the extended effort is worth seeing your pet friend at ease and comfort.

Familiarize Yourself With New Pet Laws

This next tip is crucial, especially for those moving across states. Familiarizing yourself with the laws and guidelines directed towards pets lets you know what to expect upon moving. State laws won’t be the only applicable rules and regulations on your pet, but so will residential requirements for keeping a pet in your house or apartment. Ensure you review the requirements stated in your lease or license to prevent being evicted or disturbed by the landlord or authorities.

Update Your Pets Identification

During a big move, it is easy to temporarily or even permanently lose your pet due to them getting lost or escaping. Therefore, identification and tagging of your pets is necessary. If your pet is microchipped, make sure to update their information online, including the new residential address and telephone number. Adding new pet tags to all collars, leashes, and cages is a further step to prevent your pet from getting misplaced.  

Contact Your Vet

Last but certainly not least is a consultation with your vet regarding the move. Not only can your vet provide useful tips and advice on making the moving process smoother for your pet, but they can also assist you in tackling your pet’s anxiety, mood swings, or other moving-related issues. For all these reasons, booking a visit with your pet prior to moving is a great idea. The agenda of your visit should be to consult the vet to see whether all vaccinations are up to date, get a general check-up of your pet to detect any health concerns and ensure they are in the optimal condition to travel, talk about techniques to tackle emergencies and get a prescription of supplements to aid with stress, acquire a copy of your pet’s medical records and history, and ask about any additional vaccinations or tests that may be needed for the move.


Moving is a challenging task for humans and pets alike. Parting ways with your furry friends is even more difficult. Therefore, the best approach when moving away is to bring your pets along and prepare in a manner that prioritizes your pet’s comfort and well-being equally as yours. With the help of the tips mentioned above, your efforts and determination in ensuring a hassle-free move for your pet, and your pet’s cooperation, the mammoth task of moving can transform into a beautiful new beginning for the entire family.