Learn SAP HANA use cases for your industry

When it comes to industry-based applications, SAP HANA has made quite a name for itself. It is known for providing a wide range of industry application tools that could help in data analysis, integration, and processing. Thus, many companies have already implemented SAP HANA across their network. Moreover, SAP HANA is designed to store all of its information in the cloud rather than on disk. Most companies around the industry have a large scale of data stored on their server. Therefore, having an efficient data processing tool is required for them to solve all the necessary tasks as quickly as possible. Unlike disk-based software, cloud-based applications like SAP HANA are well-versed in completing tasks efficiently. 

Importance of SAP HANA

Before the Introduction of SAP HANA, most organizations had vast amounts of untapped data that served no function for them. Without being used, those data would take up the space in previous software without data processing tools. However, since the discovery of SAP HANA, a cloud-based software, those applications have become ever so more superficial. SAP HANA has a machine learning tool that allows data to be processed in real-time while getting all analysis reports. 

Using all the information collected from data processing, a company can make its operations more streamlined than it was previously. This would help provide extra benefits to customers, eliminate errors, and ensure employees contribute effectively. Moreover, SAP HANA boosts customer satisfaction, convincing them to stay and engage with your business for extended periods. 

Also, SAP HANA is used to simplify the accounting process so that employees are treated to their allowances at the right time. Even the managers and executives of your organization can formalize effective plans for the future using SAP HANA software. 

Features of SAP HANA

Now, that you must have understood the importance of SAP HANA in your business, here are some features it can provide to your business if you invest your capital. Going through all the points summarised below could help you better understand SAP HANA’                    

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  • Enhancement of database

The first and foremost feature SAP HANA can introduce in your organization is an improved database version. Previously your company might have been using a single model of database that didn’t effectively organize, store, or manipulate the data. However, SAP HANA is known for solving all those problems with its new database that can make the integration of data models simpler than it was before. The relationships between your data models could be more well-defined using SAP HANA.

  • Improvisation of data management

The older versions of software companies used to process their data weren’t as effective as the newer version that SAP HANA has brought into the market. Instead of those long periods in batch processing SAP HANA processes all your data effectively and efficiently without any involvement of latency. Even all the data management processes could be carried out in real-time. Moreover, the people in the organization were even allowed to bring changes to their data management system as per their company’s requirements.

  • Advanced analysis of data

It would greatly benefit the company if your software could process or analyze the data in real time. Due to machine learning capabilities, SAP HANA can easily extract the data according to your company’s needs and process them to streamline the operation effectively. Using the report or information collected from data analysis, any problem could be sorted out efficiently, and SAP HANA quickly figures out all the solutions to those problems.

Use cases of SAP HANA around industries

There are multiple use cases that you can find on opting to use SAP HANA, depending upon the industry in which you are looking to implement it. Even though such factors are needed for you to remember to utilize the benefits of SAP HANA, you can effectively use SAP HANA in all types of companies varying from small to large. Therefore, here are some industries where you can use SAP HANA solutions. 

  • Aerospace and defense

SAP HANA solutions have found themselves to be regularly used in the aerospace and defense industry. These two industries hold a lot of importance in most countries globally. Hence, all the data circulating in those industries must be handled effectively. Thus, SAP HANA helps in processing, analyzing, and reporting all those in the most suitable manner possible.

  • Automotive industry

The supply chains in the automotive industry hold a lot of importance if it needs to adequately complete all the orders it has been provided. For instance, if the supply chain does come together with any problem, the whole automotive industry could halt. Hence, to overcome those problems, SAP HANA solutions could be your perfect opportunity as it will regularly track all the items going through your supply chain. Not noting such operations could slow down your business while your competitors gain an advantage.

  • Manufacturing industry

Next up is the manufacturing industry, which holds the key to all the other industries nationwide. In all other industries, you see the need to have proper resources supplied by manufacturing industries, or else they wouldn’t be able to function adequately. Therefore, to help the manufacturing industries streamline their operations without coming together with any mistakes, they need to have SAP HANA in their operations. This will safeguard them from any mistakes while manufacturing a product for another industry linked with them.

  • Construction industry

Various types of equipment are necessary for the construction industry to build up something given to them as a contract. However, they must arrange the right equipment to complete those operations or contracts. Moreover, adequate plans must be formalized so construction work can be carried out seamlessly without problems. At the same time, the ground where you are looking to do the construction needs to be examined. And the locations alongside the conditions need to be analyzed to ensure all the operations are correctly initiated.

  • Healthcare industry

At the end of the day, are you not well enough and aren’t able to guide your body correctly? In that case, none of the work you choose to do will be unsuccessful for you. Therefore, your health is the priority above everything else. SAP HANA is a cloud operating software that can ensure the healthcare industry completes all its tasks adequately. All the patients must be appropriately treated, or the healthcare industry could face numerous problems. SAP HANA helps keep track of all the data associated with your patients so that they are allocated the proper treatment.

  • Oil and gas industry

All the other industries that are completing their tasks which are crucial for them need to be backed by the oil and gas industry. The machines you see in all those industries need to be supplied by oil or gas if they are meant to produce the product needed from them. SAP HANA helps calculate the amount of oil or gas that needs to be generated. If any of those substances are manufactured over their limits, then it might cause damage to the company. SAP HANA is the ultimate solution provider for all crucial decision-making processes across the oil and gas industry.

  • Universities and the research centers

The higher education sector and universities are known for handling many students altogether because the students will either take the institutions forward or push them backward. Therefore, SAP HANA provides all those solutions that help manage the student data information and process as per the company’s requirement. A university might only be able to provide the solution to them if they know about students’ capabilities. Even the research centers require the help of SAP HANA as it helps them find and locate sources that could give them all the information as per their requirement.

  • Banking and the finance industry

Lastly, there is the banking and finance industry, where SAP HANA is popularly used. Every day a lot of work must be managed across the banking and finance companies as they hold the key to capital funding that other industries most deliberately require. SAP HANA can handle all those operations, which ensures all the money is supplied to the right parties. If any of those funding goes to the wrong place, it could create multiple problems and a chain reaction that could be difficult to solve.


SAP HANA is one of those cloud software applications that can take your business to unimaginable heights. It will ensure all the data circulating in your industry is correctly processed and analyzed per your requirements. Moreover, SAP HANA has plenty of use cases that you might not find in other software applications available in the market. Even the cost of implementing SAP HANA software is quite cheap compared to other SAP applications, which you might find in the industry.

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