Must-Have Virtual Programs For High Schools

Flexibility in the work and learning environment in all schools and universities need in the present times for an online teaching, to introduce multiple virtual platforms as but the need of the art and comfort of the students in using them. They all are familiar with the hybrid learning formats, all they now need to do is adapt entirely to it with the help of a few virtual programs that might make the process easy and quick for them.

Lunch group

A hybrid set is such an environment where some students might opt do not to attend offline classes at all, mostly because they have health and safety commitments. However, this does not mean that these individuals who would stay in the online system would not have any kind of interaction with the offline class going on.

The eat end meat group allows interaction between students who are present in an offline class along with the online students so that they can share similar views, and talk about the classes and examinations. If a teacher is assigning group project work offline and online students can be combined so that online students don’t feel secluded and left out in an environment where most of them are coming for offline classes.

It becomes a virtual program only when it is a constant activity being performed. Teachers cannot expect online and offline students to be friends and interact regularly if it is not being initiated by the teacher themselves in a classroom. Online teaching app might be tough, but the innovations using which educational institutions are advancing are even greater.

Post Examination conference

Teachers have observed a common trend in parents and guardians immediately after or before student examinations. This is because parents would like to have a few words with the teacher so that they could understand how they can guide the students to perform better in the upcoming examination, or why they have been failing with online education or a traditional form of class.

Hence, instead of dealing with every guardian and parent at different points of time, teachers can arrange for a conference from time to time. This conference serves the following purposes;

  • Allow teachers to communicate through live chat applications about the problems students have been facing in an online class.
  • Discuss the various tools which allow ease in usage of virtual classrooms.
  • Understand the environment back at home to apply specific methods for every student for their improvement.
  • Allow parents to give some feedback so that they feel included in the learning process of their children.
  • Include flexibility aspects in the online conference is so that parents can realize how positive this feedback can be and how innovative online education truly is. The only reason why some parents dislike online education is that they are looking at virtual platforms in a negative light, that it is unable to give the same quality of education to their children as offline classes were. 

Workshops for admission

The admission process is very complicated for most schools because it involves the submission of certain documents, verification of documents, an interview and examination process for this student, and so on. After students have given the entrance examination, they have to give an interview and perform Group tasks also, if they are in college, so that universities and schools can recognize the skill set of a student and choose from among the best.

To make the admission process easy, schools can organize a workshop where teachers first explain in detail the entire procedure and give online handouts to parents and students for better comprehension.

There are different types of workshops that schools can organize, besides the admission program. It could be a job workshop where full alumni can come over and provide meaningful guidance to their fellow juniors while discussing aspects of their job and how they got there, with interested students aiming for the same career path.

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High school is a very important phase in the life of a student because this is when they are supposed to transform themselves academically and in terms of personality too so that they could either get into a good job or college or both. Schools can come up with their versions of the above provided virtual programs for giving their students an extra boost.

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