Sexual Harassment Training Curriculum By Clear Law

The federal government, as well as all states, has made it illegal to engage in sexual harassment of any type, including those who are pregnant. In some situations, an employer may be held liable for a variety of wrongdoings, including sexual harassment committed by workers or management.

This potential emerges as a result of the fact that it is not impossible for an employer to be found guilty. It is necessary for business owners and managers to develop training programs in order to protect their employees and the company itself from sexual harassment.

However, firms that are operating inside the borders of specific states in the United States are required to comply with extra safety regulations. At the present time, workers of certain businesses in New York City and also the state of New York, New Jersey, as well as Connecticut are required to do anti-sexual harassment training as part of their employment requirements.

Companies that conduct business in a state or municipal corporation that requires employers to provide free sexual harassment training are not exempt first from the responsibility of complying with both requirements, despite the fact that other states, along with Florida, do not for now have legislation that obligates employers to provide training. 

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This is because companies that conduct business in a state or municipal corporation that has a requisite for employers to just provide required training really aren’t exempt first from responsibility of complying with both requirements. This does not rule out the possibility that additional states may in the future enact laws along these lines.

Some states, including NY, CA, CT, DE, and ME, require training. Compliance with the regulation is mandatory for all businesses in New York that have employees, The training requirements of the other four states only apply to enterprises that meet a particular employment level. This number of workers ranges from five in California to fifty in both Connecticut and Delaware.

You also run the risk of becoming involved in litigation that is so financially devastating that it not only destroys your business but also ruins your reputation in the community. The likelihood of a company’s training program on how to avoid or respond to sexual harassment being successful is significantly increased when the company is fully committed to the program.

This includes a program curriculum such as:

  • Attendance is necessary not just from management but also from every other worker in the facility, including supervisors.
  • The program, in its entirety, provides instances of sexual harassment that are designed to demonstrate different topics. These examples are given in their entirety.
  • In it, the organization’s policy on the prevention of sexual harassment is dissected and discussed (in detail).
  • It offers advice on how to avoid engaging in conduct that might be seen as sexual harassment of another individual in order to avoid any potential legal repercussions.
  • Directly as a result of this, staff are being strongly encouraged to be vigilant for symptoms of this issue and to report it when they see any of these signs.
  • Instruction is provided in such a manner that it is simple for each and every worker to comprehend what is being communicated to them.
  • Training is provided in the language that is understood by the greatest number of employees.
  • During the course of the training that workers get, the concept of “sexual harassment” is dissected and researched in depth.
  • Employees who engage in sexual harassment of customers or colleagues are placed on notice that they may lose their job if they continue to behave in such a way. The sexual harassment might be directed at either the customers or the coworkers.
  • The sexual harassment policy as articulated here in writing, should be widely displayed in a central location where all workers have easy access to it, and thoroughly addressed in staff training sessions.
  • The challenges that the company is now facing in its day-to-day operations will be the primary emphasis of the training that will be provided.
  • The training is ongoing for as long as it is deemed required to do so for as long as it is assessed that doing so is necessary.
  • Those who have been harassed have the option to report it without worrying that their harasser would take revenge on them.

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Every person deserves to feel safe and respected in the place where they spend the greater part of their day. They will not receive the sense that they are valued unless the company has made efforts to cultivate an environment that inspires such a feeling and has taken actions to establish such an atmosphere. Sexual harassment training benefits both the organization and the personnel. It’s an investment that will pay off in the long run, and every company ought to make it.

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