Springtime Road Trip: Mapping Out Your Adventure

Few words can elicit as much excitement as “road trip.” At least for most people. Being able to get a break from work, school, and life in general while spending time on the road is a welcome event. If that sounds great to you, with spring almost upon us, now is the perfect time to plan one.

And we want to help.

When it comes to planning a road trip, it takes a lot more effort than your normal vacation, excluding international travel. So, get your list of fun road trip games ready! We’re going to help ensure you can map out your trip like a pro.

Who Are You Traveling With?

This is listed first because just about every other decision will be based on it. Some people prefer traveling with just a few people or just their partner, while others may enjoy getting a big group together to explore new destinations. Or maybe you’re planning a family vacation and are bringing little ones along for the ride. Though one major factor to consider is whether they have any special needs or accommodations. Are they traveling with just a duffel bag with wheels, or do they need room for a wheelchair, walker, or large luggage?

If you’re traveling with kids, do you need to grab the portable DVD player to keep them from driving you crazy with “Are we there yet?

But it doesn’t stop here; there are several more keys to consider.

What’s Your Budget?

And who is paying for what? While there may be unforeseen expenses somewhere along the way, as you map out your springtime road trip, keep a budget in mind. This includes Ferrari rental (we wish, right?), fuel, snacks, meals, hotels, attractions, souvenirs, incidentals, and, of course, if you’re traveling with friends or family, will the gas expenses be split?

Where Will You Stay?

It’s generally a good idea to decide where you’ll stay before you hit the road. Failing to make a reservation can be frustrating if you have to call around to find vacancies when you’re ready for rest and sleep.

Additionally, a good best practice is to pay for hotels when you make your reservation. This not only helps give you a better overview of the cost of the trip, but it can also help keep you from taking unplanned overnight side trips. While being spontaneous can be fun, it can be rather costly because you’re likely to lose money if you don’t keep your reservation, and you’ll have to pay for a room elsewhere.

What’s the itinerary?

While there will likely be unexpected stops along the way because of tourist attractions, historical markers, and local taprooms that catch the eye of someone in the car, you should decide on the main stops beforehand. Road trips received a great upgrade with the advent of the Internet, and these days it’s extraordinarily easy to find most of the better attractions along your route.

Take a little time to map out the trip and give everyone a chance to pick at least one place they want to stop. This keeps it fair, but it can also help ensure that everyone enjoys the trip. While someone on the trip may have gotten outvoted on their mountain getaway desires as opposed to your beach destination, at least they’ll have a chance to make at least one decision.

Lastly, but most importantly, how will the driving be divided up? You need to make sure the driver can stay alert at all times, so be sure to take breaks if you’re the only one.