Top 10 Best Towns In Connecticut

If you want to go on a beautiful trip then you must visit the best towns in Connecticut and is the smallest states in the country. It is surrounded by areas of historic cities, exceptional natural beauty, and attractive small villages. If you are a beach lover then you must visit the beaches in the towns in Connecticut, and You’ll get to see a lot of information from New Haven to Mystic. It is famous for its Seaport museum-like Mystic Aquarium, which is houses of the Beluga Whales.

You must visit the charming and attractive towns in Connecticut. Here is a list of towns in Connecticut, some of the best places to make it easy for you to find out what option you have.

List of Best 10 Towns In Connecticut

It is a great plan to visit the best towns in Connecticut, where can see beautiful beaches, sand, and the beauty of the natural environment. Here we will give you a list of the 10 best towns in Connecticut.

  1. Mystic
  2. Greenwich
  3. Washington
  4. Danbury
  5. Bridgeport
  6. Norwalk
  7. Waterbury
  8. Hartford
  9. New Haven
  10. Stamford

Top 10 Best Towns In Connecticut

Are you searching for the best towns in Connecticut, then here we will try to help you and have brought the best towns in Connecticut, these all are perfect for your vacation trip.

  1. Mystic


If you want to visit the best beach town in Connecticut then Mystic is perfect for you. This is a beautiful and attractive coastal city. Mystic was founded in 1684, It has one of the most important ports and the largest maritime museum. You must visit MysticSeaport for more information about its history.

If you are a seafood lover then you should enjoy here the seafood restaurants, Other Famous places are the Historic Ship Nautilus and the Submarine Force Museum, where you can see the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine. Mystic is a very popular place for both locals and tourists to travel from town to town in Connecticut. Mystic is one of the best towns in Connecticut,

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  1. Greenwich


Greenwich is the perfect small town in Connecticut for those who like a quiet life, It is located on Connecticut’s Gold Coast and only 40 minutes by train from central Manhattan. Greenwich is the most beautiful town in Connecticut close to NYC, where you can see beautiful inns and quaint local museums all around here, which seem to pay tribute to its heritage and culture.

Greenwich is a more exciting town in Connecticut and also a financial powerhouse.

You must visit Audubon Center and make sure to stay there if you are a nature lover. You can also roam the city while exploring Greenwich Avenue and visit fascinating places like Flynn Gallery or Bruce Museum. Its artistic location and exhibitions are the center of curiosity for every visitor. You should see Philip Johnson Glass House.

  1. Washington


You know Washington is known for its picturesque countryside, and its historic architecture. this is a rural town in Connecticut, a Litchfield County in New England. Washington is one of the state’s most scenic and cultured towns to live in Connecticut. While in Washington don’t forget to visit Gunn Historical Museum, Art Association galleries, and local shops.

The picturesque town of Washington was named after President George Washington in 1779. He has also contributed several times to the Revolutionary War as a general. June, July, and August are the most pleasant month in Washington for your vacation trip. There is a lot of restaurant, bar, local park and spa center where you spend your time with your family and friends.

  1. Danbury


Danbury is a city of the United States of America, in Fairfield County and is located about 50 miles (80km) northeast of town in Connecticut close to NYC. It was founded in 1702 that had a population of approx 80,893 in the 2010 US census. Do you know Danbury is nicknamed “Hat City” because it was the center of the American hat industry during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries?

USA Today ranked Danbury as the second-best town to live in Connecticut, in November 2015. There is a bunch of parks to visit and protected natural places around Danbury, Where you can do activities like horse riding, fishing, boating, and enjoy also pro ice hockey.

  1. Bridgeport


Bridgeport is a large historic seaport town in Connecticut, United States, with the estimated population as of 2019 by US census is 144,399. It is the fifth most populous country in New England and is located at the mouth of the Peacock River on Long Island Sound in Fairfield County. Bridgeport is bounded on the north by Trumbull, on the west by Fairfield, and on the east by Stratford.

Bridgeport is nicknamed “The Park City” because it is renowned for its public park system. If you are visiting with your children then you must visit the Discovery Museum and Planetarium at Bridgeport, Connecticut. It gives you a great experience for both education and recreation also.

  1. Norwalk


Norwalk is the best and unique coastal town in Connecticut in Fairfield County, United States. This is located on Long Island Sound at the mouth of the Norwalk River in Southwestern Connecticut. It was founded by Roger Ludlow and Daniel Patrick in 1640. This is the sixth most populous town in Connecticut and you can see it in the town on the Connecticut map.

More variety of attractions are public beaches, lighthouses, shopping, first-class restaurants, protected islands, and marinas in Norwalk, Connecticut. You should visit Maritime Aquarium, Lockwood -Mathews Mansion, and stepping Stones Museum, this is the best attraction spot for your children. There are some other best places where you must explore like Mill Hill Park, Oyster Shell Park, Norwalk Boat Show, Compo Beach, and Norwalk Historical Society Museum.

  1. Waterbury


Waterbury is the 5th largest town in Connecticut near the Naugatuck River. In the first half of the century, they had large industrial factories for the manufacture of brassware in the United States so it is known as ‘The Brass City’. This place is also the center in manufacturing watches and clocks. There is a TimeExpo Museum, where you can learn about this industry in Waterbury, Connecticut.

There is a wealth of other historical features that you will love to see, including lovingly preserved historical buildings and even the original city center and lush green areas of the city. There are some other nice places in Waterbury, like The Palace Theater, Library Park Mattatuck Museum Arts and History Center, Lakewood Lanes and Hop Brook Lake, and more

  1. Hartford


Hartford was the richest city in the United States but after the American Civil War, it became one of the poorest cities. This is the Fourth-largest town in Connecticut, was established in 1635. Hartford is the capital of the United State of Connecticut, and It is also known as the “ Insurance capital’ of the world. As its nickname, it is home to the headquarters of many insurance companies.

If you are in Hartford then it is well worth visiting the town in Connecticut. You should visit Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Connecticut as it has a large and outstanding collection of American Art. You must also visit other historical homes and museums and see here the best cultural attraction of the city. These are other great places like The Mark Twain House & Museum, Connecticut Science Center, Elizabeth Park, Rose Garden Bushnell park, and much more.

  1. New Haven

New Haven is the second-largest coastal town in Connecticut that is located on New Haven Harbor in New Haven County. New Haven was founded by English Puritans in 1638 and is part of the New York Metropolitan area. New Haven is the best town to live in Connecticut because there is a lot of energetic life, beautiful art, theater, live music, and restaurant.

New Haven is one of the best towns in CT,  with Yale University. This is the best university not only to study but also it is a source of entertainment. You will find here great concert events, collegiate sports, shops, museums, festivals, and the best local restaurants. You must also visit other places like East Rock Park, The Green, Sterling Memorial Library and Lighthouse Point Park, and more.

  1. Stamford


Stamford is the second-most populous town in Connecticut and it is in Fairfield County on Long Island Sound. It is a part of the New York City Metropolitan Area, and it is famous for the Electric Dry Shaver industry. Stamford is one of the most active business centers in the state. Don’t forget to visit the Stamford Museum and Nature Center, where you can find a display of the natural and cultural history of 1929 in the mansion.

If you want to relax and enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities then you can choose from a wide range of parks, Riverside trails, nature areas, and some great beaches in Stamford, Connecticut. There are a lot of restaurants, parks, antique shops, coffee shops, and bars where you can spend time with your families and friends in town in Connecticut.


What Is The Best Town To Live In Connecticut?

Check out here these are the list of best towns to live in Connecticut. You must visit and stay for some time in Connecticut towns.

  • Mystic
  • Greenwich
  • Danbury
  • Washington
  • Stamford

What City In Connecticut Has The Largest Population?  

Here we will give you a list of cities in Connecticut that have the largest population. You check out this.

  • Bridgeport
  • Norwalk
  • Waterbury
  • Hartford
  • New Haven
  • Stamford
  • Danbury
  • Greenwich

What Towns Are In Northern CT?

The towns in Northern CT are Hartford and Bridgeport.

What Is The Best Town In Connecticut To Raise A Family?

Featured Review: Current Resident says Old Greenwich is an incredible community — the absolute best in Connecticut. Safe, picturesque with highly regarded schools, Old Greenwich is an absolute treasure for those raising a family.

What Are The Poorest Towns In Connecticut?

This is the list of the poorest towns in Connecticut.

  • Bridgeport
  • New Haven
  • Hartford
  • Waterbury

What Is The Richest Town In Connecticut?

Newtown Borough is being credited as the richest town in the state of Connecticut. compiled a list of the richest towns in all 50 U.S. states, which lists Newtown Borough as having a median household income of $140,625 (104.7% more than the U.S. median income).

What Town In Connecticut Has The Lowest Property Tax?

Salisbury has the lowest mill rate in Connecticut with a mill rate of 11 mills. Greenwich has the second lowest mill rate in Connecticut at 11.59 and Warren has the 3rd lowest mill rate in Connecticut at 14.15.

Is CT A Good State To Retire In?

Bankrate ranked Connecticut the 43rd best state to retire in overall, including its affordability along with its measures for well-being, culture and diversity, weather and crime. While Connecticut was among the worst states for affordability, it ranked high in three of the four other areas: the state was No.

What Is A Rich Town In CT?

The richest town in Connecticut is Darien, with a median household income of $251,200. Darien is a small town on Connecticut’s gold coast that is home to approximately 6,759 people. Home prices in town are also high, ranging from $500,000 to $4,000,000.

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There are many beautiful and popular towns in Connecticut to visit and explore. You can enjoy many watersports here. You should also visit beaches, lakes, the Seaport Museum, aquarium and much more. You will feel a great experience with friendly people and peaceful nature. This is a mixture of homely and rural areas, so you should also go there for a business purpose. While you in Connecticut you should not miss the seafood and pizza restaurant. Connecticut is a historical place so you can find a lot to learn here. When you visit the best towns in Connecticut you can achieve more experience.