Trade Jobs 101: Exploring In-Demand Careers In Skilled Trades

When exploring your career options as a young adult, the most common choice leads you to some type of office work. However, if spending all day at a desk sounds miserable to you, looking into careers in trade can take you out of the office and onto the field.

In addition to being a great alternative to office jobs, trade careers are also a suitable option for those who want to focus more on vocational skills than the literary sciences. If heading out to a four-year university doesn’t sound like your thing, learning a trade allows for less time in school and gets your career started sooner. To help you along this journey, here is an overview of trade careers and some of the most popular skilled trades.

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What Are Trade Careers?

Trade careers require you to have specialized skills in order to work in fields such as construction, maintenance, and repair. Similar to how your chosen major affects your career options, your vocational training or apprenticeship has a major influence on which skilled trade you can work in.

As a tradesperson, you can work as a self-employed professional or find a job at an established business. This also opens the path for you to become a business owner and manage your own staff of skilled traders in the future.

How Can You Get a Skilled Trade Job?

You can get a skilled trade job by learning specialized skills under qualified instructors. With various offerings, such as electrician programs and construction training from several reliable institutions, you can explore your options to hone your practical knowledge for your chosen skilled trade.

Depending on the program you choose, you may get through this educational training in as little as a year. From there, you can start finding a job in your selected skilled trade. To heighten your chances of getting a job without excessive delays, you can choose to get trained for a popular trade career beforehand. The following information can help during this process: 

The Most Popular Careers for Skilled Labor

shallow focus photo of man fixing steel cable

Before you become qualified for a skilled trade and start using a job search app, you can take a look at these popular trade careers to make a beneficial decision for your professional life.


When someone identifies why they need to remodel a bathroom or learns that they need to fix leaky faucets, they call a plumber. The soughtafter status of this skill heightens your chances of finding regular jobs in this skilled trade and earns you a solid yearly income.  


When working as an electrician, you need to safely handle electric wires and equipment across residential and commercial structures. The level of care required for these tasks causes many people to search for local professionals through solutions such as a home service platform.


Carpenters are highly skilled at handling wooden materials to create building fixtures, furnishings, and cabinets for a variety of needs. Since safely handling woodworking tools requires distinct expertise, this profession is also a great choice for new trade workers.

HVAC Technician

Whenever property owners need heating and air conditioning options for modular buildings or traditional structures, HVAC technicians make their importance known right away. Working in this field can help you get decent jobs. But similar to many other skilled trades, you may need to be on call frequently.

Brick Mason

Brick masons also belong to the construction field, but they have the particular expertise of laying out bricks for precise structures. This niche expertise makes them a popular find on a local services app. Typically, you can also enjoy ideal work-life balance with this trader career.


Welders specialize in working with metal, particularly using heat to build metal objects. This allows them to mold metal into various structures, including high rises and bridges, while also repairing large machinery with their skills. This makes it a comparatively high-paying skilled trade.

Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics can fix nearly everything that makes a car functional, which makes them integral to almost everyone’s transportation needs. You can typically start working as a mechanic before starting your own operation as a shop owner.

By learning about trade careers as well as the most popular choices in skilled trades, you can easily choose a path that best suits you. With skilled trades, you can build a good life for yourself and your family.