What Is Swipe Surge

What Is Swipe Surge?

Have you ever wondered What Is Swipe Surge? on Tinder? Though 2021 has arrived, lockdown and social distancing restrictions are still in place. So, have you thought of online dating? Tinder is a well-known online dating platform used by people of every age. Online dating is a lot easier than you would ever think! Even adults are preferring online dating just like teenagers. So, in today’s guide, we will discuss what is Tinder Swipe Surge and how it works. Here, I will also tell you the benefits of using this feature. Let us now start with the basics by understanding What Is Swipe Surge? and then its advantages.

What Is Swipe Surge?

“Swipe Surge” is a new feature launched by Tinder. This feature occurs when there are several Tinder users in one particular area. According to Tinder, a Swipe Surge can last for 15 minutes to few hours. Well, it all depends on the user activity levels.

What Does Swipe Surge Do?

A swipe surge on Tinder lets you know which of your matches are currently active. Well, a swipe surge can begin anytime and anywhere! First, it monitors the number of active Tinder users in an area. Afterward, it lets you know by sending you a push notification. This notification indicates that a swipe surge is happening in your area.

Usually, a swipe surge depends upon the activities of users in the area. If you live in a big city like Pune, then you might get at least one swipe surge notification a week. So, make sure you make the most of it while it is on!

As now you have understood what is swipe surge, let us see what it means for Tinder users.

What Does Swipe Surge Mean For New Tinder Users?

The swipe surge feature is specially designed for Tinder users that allow them to date online in real-time. Well, here are two benefits you must know about this feature that will help you understand its main purpose.

  • It gets your profile boosted to the top of the line for other singles in your area. This ultimately increases the chances of finding the right match for yourself.
  • By using this feature, you can know whether the user is online or not. However, there is only one drawback of swipe surge, let us have a look at it.
  • You may find there is a huge competition for getting people’s attention. So, it becomes crucial to make your profile stand out from others.

Steps For How To Use Swipe Surge

By now you have understood what is swipe surge on Tinder. You can keep these basic steps in your mind to gain the maximum advantage of the Tinder swipe surge.

  1. First, open the Tinder app.
  2. Log in by using your Tinder Username and Password.
  3. Go to your account’s settings.
  4. Now, select show me in swipe surge option.

Once done, Tinder will send you a push notification when a swipe surge is happening around you. 

But remember that, your swipes are limited even if you are a free member on Tinder. You can also have a Premium Subscription if you want. For the basic version, you get 100 swipes. While for Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold versions you get unlimited swipes.

Steps For How To Disable Swipe Surge

Above you have understood the steps for starting swipe surge on Tinder. Let us now see how to disable swipe surge on Tinder.

  1. First, open the Tinder app.
  2. Log in by using your Tinder Username and Password.
  3. Click on the settings and select the Manage swipe surge option.
  4. Turn off the show me in the swipe surge option.

Tips For Getting Better Matches On Tinder

Until now I assume that you have understood what is swipe surge. The best way to find at least one good date is to use more swipes to get more matches. If you planning to activate the swipe surge, make sure you have a good Tinder profile. People on Tinder decide whether they like you or not by just looking at your profile.

Here, I have shared some basic tips that will help you to get better matches on Tinder.

  1. Choose Good Profile Picture

You need to be specific with your profile photo because that is the first thing noticed by other users. So, always make sure your profile picture is a single photo of yours, not a group photo.

  1. Write About Yourself In Your Bio

Always keep in mind that you should never keep your bio blank. You can include your likes, dislikes, favorites, and interests in your bio. You can also include a pickup link so that your profile looks attractive.

  1. Mention The Type Of Relationship You Want

Here, you can mention what kind of relationship you are looking for so that you can find your perfect match on Tinder.

Once your profile is updated, half of your battle is won! Find your match and start some interesting conversation with them.

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How Does Swipe Surge Work?

Tinder swipe surge helps Tinder users to experience real-time dating experience by finding a perfect match for themselves. First, it monitors the number of active Tinder users in an area. Afterward, it lets you know by sending you a push notification. This notification indicates that a swipe surge is happening in your area.

How Long Does Swipe Surge Last?

Usually, a swipe surge lasts from 15 minutes to one hour. It can also last a little longer if there are more active Tinder users in a particular area.

Why Do Some Profiles Say Swipe Surge?

Some profiles on Tinder say swipe surge because the other users are swiping at the same time. This indicates that even they are looking for a match for themselves.

Should I Boost During A Swipe Surge?

It is not compulsory that you should swipe surge on Tinder to boost your profile. Sometimes it sounds that you are wasting up your time and money. 

What Is A Swipe Surge On Instagram?

“During a Swipe Surge, activity is up to 15x higher,” according to a press release. “And with that many more people at the party, your match-making potential is increased by 250 percent, which means you’ll also spark up a new convo with a cutie 33 percent faster.”

What Does A Swipe Surge Mean?

The dating company announced Thursday that it’s testing a new feature called Swipe Surge, which sends a push notification when usage is spiking in a specific geographic area. During those periods, Tinder says the odds of finding a match are increased.

What Is Swipe Surge On Tiktok?

Swipe Surge is no ordinary party. It happens during festivals, it happens during Spring Break, it happens when someone screams “open bar” from the rooftop pool party and everyone needs to be “meeting a friend” who’s already inside.

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By knowing what is swipe surge, you can easily find your ideal date online on Tinder. Swipe surge is a feature that lets you know which of your matches are currently active. This feature has a great potential to go from messaging to meeting up within no time. You can go along with the above-listed steps to enable and disable this feature on Tinder. Here, I have shared some tips for getting more matches on Tinder. Make sure you take advantage of it in real-time! As you know what is swipe surge, you are now ready to go on a date!

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